Why OnTime

Empower Your Teams Collaboration

Unite Your Team

OnTime: Every second counts and every schedule aligns. Shift from a solitary scheduling approach to a collaborative, ‘We’ mentality, to enhance teamwork and efficiency. OnTime transforms individual agendas into a synchronised force, aligning thousands of calendars into one harmonious vision.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Ontime Group Calendar is available wherever your work takes you. Access it in a browser, on your smartphone, or through HCL Connections. And with the Ontime API, you can seamlessly integrate with your other enterprise software solutions, ensuring you have all the tools you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

Seamless Integration with Leading Online Meeting Providers

Direct compatibility with Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, and Sametime ensures that no matter the platform, your meetings are in sync. No more having to switch back and forth double-checking links and timeslots. Simply create your online meetings directly from your OnTime Group.

Simplified Absence Management

Managing time off? It’s effortless with our intuitive ‘out of office’ features, keeping everyone informed and prepared. Request and approve Time off, Working from home, and all other Out of Office-requests directly from your OnTime Group Calendar.

Effortless Scheduling Externally

Say goodbye to the back-and-forth of meeting coordination. Share My Time lets you offer a glimpse of your availability to external parties, simplifying the scheduling process while maintaining privacy over your actual calendar details

Accelerated Decision-Making

Reduce the hassle of finding a common meeting time. Pollarity lets you query both internal and external parties, regardless of their mail and calendar systems. By leveraging live calendar data for OnTime users, you can optimize each proposed time slot for a higher chance of finding the perfect meeting time. Pollarity simplifies the planning process, saving you valuable time in coordinating meetings across any number of participants.

One stop scheduling shop

Manage all your needs in one place, without having to juggle between various platforms. OnTime offers a singular collaborative platform that seamlessly integrates with your email-platform, standard calendar, and online meeting provider while offering features such as simple internal and external meeting booking, schedule behalf of others, catering manager, room display and much more.

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Fits into complex companies
and can be perfectly expanded if required

OnTime also fits into complex companies and can be perfectly expanded if required. We offer a system solution that focuses on ease of use, bringing together everything a project leader, group leader or personal assistant needs to effectively deal with scheduling.

Core Features

Centralised Calendar Management
  • Unified views of multiple calendars for all group members.
  • Customisable display options (e.g., Day(s), Week(s), Planner, Out of Office, Lists).
  • Manage personal and team calendars within a single interface.
Integrated Meeting Planning:
  • Group poll options for deciding on meeting times.
  • Share calendar availability with external customers for easy meeting arrangements.
Live Synchronisation:
  • Instant updates to ensure all team members see the latest information.
  • Syncs with personal calendars and mobile devices.
Smart Scheduling:
  • Visual free/busy time slots across the team.
  • Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.

Enhanced Collaboration

Delegate Access:
  • Allow delegates to manage calendars on behalf of others.
  • Permissions-based access for secure delegation.
Resource Reservation System:
  • Book resources like rooms and equipment directly from the calendar.
  • Manage resource availability and permissions.

MS Teams & HCL Connections

MS Teams:
  • Access and manage the OnTime Group Calendar directly from within the Microsoft Teams interface.
  • Schedule and join meetings without leaving the Teams environment.
  • Allow channel members to view and edit calendar events based on their permissions.
  • Create Microsoft Teams meetings with conference links directly from the OnTime calendar event.
  • Instantly start a group chat related to a specific calendar event within Teams.
  • Share calendar events in a Teams channel to facilitate group discussion and planning.
HCL Connections:
  • Embed OnTime Group Calendar as a widget within HCL Connections for quick access to daily schedules.
  • Integration in User Profiles to easy overview the availability of a colleague
  • Provide community members with a unified view of all relevant events and activities.
Bottom line:

By tailoring these features to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and HCL Connections, OnTime Group Calendar can significantly boost collaborative efforts within an organisation. It enables team members to schedule, plan, and execute meetings and projects efficiently, all within their daily workflow and collaboration platforms.

Advanced Functionality

Time Zone Support:
  • Smart time zone management for global teams showing office hours.
  • Automatic detection and adjustment for participants in different time zones.
Custom Views and Filters:
  • Personalised calendar views tailored to your needs.
  • Filter and search capabilities for quick event person(s) findings.
Exportable Data and Reports:
  • Generate custom reports for analysis and review.
  • Export data for integration with other reporting tools.

Communication and Notification

Email and Notification System:
  • Automated notifications for upcoming meetings and changes.
  • Email integration to send invites and updates directly from the calendar.
In-app Collaboration Tools:
  • Comment on polls to share additional information in order to easy find the right choice.
  • Attach files and links related to calendar events.

Customisation and Scalability

Branding and Customisation:
  • Tailor the look and feel to match corporate branding.
  • Create custom event types (Legend) with unique colours for different meanings.
  • Expand your using OnTime add-ons
Mail Support and Architecture:
  • Supporting Microsoft 365, Exchange on Premise, and HCL Domino
  • Multi-tenant/domain support. You can mix and match with different cloud tenants (M365) and on-premises domains (Exchange and Domino)
  • Designed to grow with your organisation.
  • Scale up your installation to +10.000 seats.
  • Handles small teams to large enterprises efficiently.
  • Integrates with many clients (MS Outlook, MS Teams, HCL Notes, HCL Verse, and HCL Connections)
  • Multilingual support (DE, EN, ES, IT, FR, DK, NO, SE, JP)

Support & Resources

Comprehensive Support:
  • Access to customer service through multiple channels.
  • Online troubleshooting and support resources.
Training and Onboarding:
  • Detailed documentation and tutorials for new users.
  • Webinars, live training, and onboarding sessions.

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By signing up for this event, you agree to be added to our newsletter mailing list. We will use your email address to send you updates, news, and offers. You can unsubscribe anytime via the link in any email.

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