Group Scheduling for Linux, Mac & Windows Users

Throughout the last couple of years, WetterOnline has been an engaged customer offering many suggestions for OnTime improvements. Most of these have already been implemented to the benefit of them and other clients. For WetterOnline, the most essential aspect of OnTime is the support for their teams to work efficiently and transparently with employees working on different operating systems.

Solving Group Scheduling Problems in Outlook Web

WetterOnline uses a mix of Linux, MacOS and Windows, and they therefore decided to standardize on the Outlook Web Client. However, this tool is not designed for creating groups and appointments with many people. Throughout the organization there were many requests for a better team scheduling tool. After scanning the market WetterOnline decided to use OnTime.

OnTime has become our central tool for our team’s internal coordination making them work more efficiently together even when they are working on multiple operating systems.

    Pierre Schwindt | WetterOnline


OnTime's Time Saving Calendar Features

OnTime allows all employees to stay updated whether they are in the office or on the go. Coordination is easier than ever before, and finding the meeting slot available for most possible invitees can be done in no time. OnTime now plays a crucial role in coordinating, as users manage all their team-related scheduling directly from OnTime. Additionally, OnTime is significantly faster than Outlook as it prefetches appointments in the OnTime database. This makes for a more pleasant and smooth scheduling experience.

Automating Group Maintenance

Furthermore, OnTime helps the organisation automate groups in the group calendar from the Active Directory. Whenever they customize users or groups in the Active Directory, it is automatically updated in the group calendar. This feature saves the organisation a lot of time.

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Wetter Online WetterOnline was founded in 1996 by owner and managing director Joachim Klaßen in Bonn and is today with www.wetteronline.de the largest Internet provider for weather information in Germany. In addition to global weather information, editorial reports and custom apps are also available. The WetterOnline app is represented in more than 40 countries and warns users actively against impending storms. A team of over 100 experts works with high-quality technology on weather forecasts for the whole world. Solution Components:

Solution Components:

• Microsoft 365
• MS SQL Server Express
• Apache TomCat
• OnTime Group Calendar

Group Scheduling for Linux, Mac & Windows Users