Room Display

Better Utilisation of your Meeting Rooms

Increase Utilisation Rates of Your Meeting Rooms!

Room Display offers a convenient solution to seamlessly manage meeting rooms and conference areas. With Room Display, you can effortlessly cross-check, book, and monitor the availability of meeting spaces, whether you’re using your OnTime client or directly interacting with the display itself.

The straightforward and intuitive nature of the OnTime Room Display inevitably leads to a noticeable increase in meeting room utilization.

3 display types - 1 solution

How to book a Room?

Manage your room reservations with our intuitive OnTime Room Displays. Booking a room is a breeze – simply click “Book” on the display. Next, enter the booker’s name and choose your desired meeting duration, with option for a customized time span by selecting the “Custom” option. Once you’ve input the preferred time, hit submit, and voilà, the room is reserved.

Need to free up the room? No problem. Click the “Release” button to make it available again, even before your scheduled meeting time. Total control at your fingertips.

Customise your display

Discover the ultimate ease and flexibility with our customizabilityᅠof OnTime Room Displays. Quickly and effortlessly customize what appears on your display to precisely match your preferences.

You have the freedom to add your own branding, logos, and wallpapers, allowing you to create a display that reflects your unique style. Whether it’s choosing the perfect background or incorporating your company’s identity, you’re in control. Make your space truly yours with OnTime Room Displays.

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