Shared Desks

Supporting Your Hybrid Workspace

Make your workspace safe, secure, and adaptable

With many companies downscaling their office capacity post covid to accommodate the increased amount of people working remotely, flexibility and adaptability of the existing workplace has become central.

The OnTime Shared Desks solution is a way to ensure that employees have an available workplace on the days that they want to go to the office. With OnTime, employees can book workplaces on their preferred days and keep an overview of when and at which desks co-workers are working. 

Business User

  • Get complete visibility into where everyone is sitting and who is working together when.
  • Extra flexibility in the workspace – choose exactly where, when, and with whom you want to sit.
  • Book workplaces on preferred days and rest assured your desk will be there when you show up.


  • Easily enforce social distancing, and manage capacity to avoid overcrowding.
  • Optimize office usage and lower utility costs.
  • Organize your workplace to be as efficient, safe, and welcoming as possible.
  • Create the perfect hybrid work environment to foster collaboration.

Some of many Features

Work Together

Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of working together in-person. Check and compare co-workers’ schedules to quickly coordinate when, where, and how to collaborate as a team.

Increase Flexibility

Optimise office usage and lower utility costs. Whether it’s a group on-site or remote meeting, find and book the space you need when you need it. With OnTime, you can assign desks, book desks or go desk-free.

Stay Safe

Have peace of mind that everyone who walks in your workplace is symptom-free and can keep a safe distance. Shared Desks prevents overcrowding and instills confidence in your team that they’re safe at work.

Hybrid Workplaces

Check out the "Out of Office" functionality

The OnTime Shared Desks is just one part of our solution on Hybrid Workplaces. The ability to coordinate working remotely, from home, being away at conferences, and so on has become more and more important, which is why we at OnTime have reimagined our Out of Office feature to accommodate exactly this.

Shared Desks