Visitor Manager

Essential Visitor Management Tool

Pre-Register, Check-in, Check-out, Report

The OnTime Visitor module is the visitor management solution to give you a complete overview of all visitors and reduce security and reception workload. View every visitor, when they’re set to arrive, and who they’ve come to see.

Improving the visiting-experience for both visitors, employees, and receptionists the OnTime Visitor Module truly is a win-win-win.

The Visitor Module has different interfaces depending on whether you are a business user or working in the reception. For business users, it is possible to invite visitors from the desktop client when they are creating meetings or events. For the people working in the reception, we have created our Visitor Manager, an interface that gives an overview of all current as well as past and future visitors. This way, managing visitors for meetings and events becomes easy for everyone.

Security and Reception

  • Visitor desktop manager giving a simple and easy graphical overview of all visitors.
  • Personal badges printet with the click of a button.
  • Customizable fields for individual company needs.
  • Effortless reporting – who’s been where and to see whom?

Business User

  • Optimizing communication between Business User and reception
  • Register larger groups fast and easy with bulk registration
  • Save time by storing and re-using earlier visitors

Visitor Manager - The Process


Register Visitors directly from your OnTime client as you book meetings or appointments. Simply select the meeting-attendees, choose the location, and fill out the User Details.

For larger groups, use the bulk-registration tool to quickly compile visitor-information and register multiple users at once.


Check the pre-registered visitors in upon arrival and maintain a complete overview of all the current visitors in the dedicated “Checked-In” tab.

See or edit details on individual visitors and print badges with the click of a button. 

View visitor history and notify hosts directly from the visitor manager.


Checked-out visitors will be kept in the “Checked-Out” tab and stored for a specified amount of time. Recurring visitors can this way be checked in again directly from this tab – avoiding the process of having to pre-register them again completely.


OnTime Visitor allows you to easily keep track of visitors – who has been where, and when? See all previous visitors kept for a chosen amount of time in the “All Visitors” tab. Specify the time period for even faster locating and reporting.