Get Even More Posibilities


OnTime Mobile gives you instant access to the people in your organisation and their calendars even when you are on the go.

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Find Time

OnTime’s Find Time makes it seamlessly easy to manage polls and shared availability with both internal and external invitees.
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Room Display

Increase Utilisation Rates of Your Meeting Rooms with centrally managed room display software.
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Catering Manager

OnTime Catering turns ordering, delivering and accounting into one fully integrated process making it much easier and faster to deal with.
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Visitor Manager

OnTime Visitor is the visitor management solution for you. With integration in your meeting and giving a complete overview of all visitors and reducing security and reception workload.
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HCL Connections

Real Social Scheduling Power for businesses using the HCL Connections social platform.

Create Your Own Extension

OnTime Group Calendar offers an open HTTP based API as an add-on to OnTime, so you can build custom solutions on top of the OnTime Group Calendar back-end.