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Showing Professionalism through Catering

Since 2006, SES, one of the world's leading satellite operators, has been a valued customer of OnTime, entrusting us with their catering and visitor management needs. SES is operating over 70 satellites and serves markets such as governments, broadcasting, mobile network operators, and many more. With meetings, events and VIP visits frequently taking place at SES, these tools are crucial in effectively managing visitors and making sure the visit goes smoothly as planned.

The journey with SES evolved in 2018 when the company switched from Domino to Microsoft. At that time, OnTime did not offer a catering manager solution, leading SES to adopt a different system.

However, that system failed to fulfil their requirements, and in 2020, they asked us to extend our Microsoft solution to also include catering and visitor management.

With SES’ input and our knowledge from the Domino solution, we created OnTime catering manager for Microsoft.

Showing Professionalism through Catering

SES’s caterer is thrilled with the OnTime catering module, which provides him and his team with all the information they need to create a delicious and efficient catering experience for groups, events and visits. Depending on the chosen conference room, various offers are proposed and given to their employees.

They can choose from small and cold food to beverages and sandwiches, to breakfast, cookies, and fruits. Other conference rooms offer a very detailed choice of menus, buffet options and salads.

"Our customers, clients, and suppliers often show a “wow” effect and are very happy with the results."

Guy Kirsch | SES

All offered options have pictures and include allergen information. With the received information of the date, time, room, host, and menu chosen, their caterer can easily plan, prepare, and serve the desired meals. The chef can organise his staff accordingly, ensuring that all orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

SES does not only use the OnTime Catering option, but also several of OnTime's other modules such as Mobile, Visitor Registration, and Find Time, which aid in enhancing their efficiency, overview, and overall performance.

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SES Astra
SES aims to provide exceptional experiences globally through top-quality video content and seamless connectivity. As a leader in global content connectivity solutions, SES operates the only multi-orbit satellite constellation offering global coverage and high performance, including the low-latency Medium Earth Orbit O3b system. SES's extensive, intelligent, cloud-enabled network enables high-quality connectivity solutions on land, sea, or air. More information can be found at

Solution Components:

  • Microsoft 365
  • MS SQL Server Express
  • Apache TomCat
  • OnTime Group Calendar
  • OnTime Mobile
  • OnTime Find Time
  • OnTime Catering Manager
  • OnTime Visitor Manager

Showing Professionalism through Catering