Migration or Coexistence

The choice is yours

Coexistence of Email

Domino & Exchange - All in One

Often companies find themselves with email systems based on both Domino and Exchange and with no or limited integration.  However, the need for effective team coordination is still a challenge and the lack of integration leads to manual processes, wasting valuable time and money.

OnTime Group Calendar, working across Domino and Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 in one group calendar, bridges this gap. 

Migrating Your Email Platform

Moving between Domino and Exchange / Office 365

OnTime Hybrid is perfectly suited for helping companies with smooth migration from one email environment to another.

While part of the users have already been migrated and the other part is still working on the old system, teams are able to schedule across the environments. When a user is migrated, private settings such as private groups and language continues to be available.

One License to Cover It All

By investing in OnTime, you get the freedom of email choice. This means that you can at any time switch between our supported email platforms whether it is Domino or Microsoft, cloud or on-premises – the OnTime licenses once acquired are valid on all supported platforms, so an easy migration is guaranteed and your investment is safe.

Supporting: HCL Domino

HCL Domino

Supporting: Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

MS Exchange