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About Us

About OnTime®

The OnTime® products currently have more than 600,000 users worldwide. OnTime® is sold and supported both directly by IntraVision and through a dedicated ecosystem of business partners around the globe.

A key success parameter for the OnTime products has always been to be highly responsive to requests from customers and business partners.

Our own partnerships with Domino and Microsoft as well as the partnerships of our OnTime business partners allows us to stay even closer to the news stream and the requirements from our customers around the globe.

We participate in user groups for both the Domino and the Microsoft collaborations products and we are members of several other knowledge sharing programs including the Domino Champion program.

The OnTime® Scheduling Suite consists of 2 products:

  1. OnTime® for Domino
    Notes, Desktop Web, Connections, Mobile devices, Cloud solutions and API access which gives the possibility to integrate the group calendar information within any of your other systems.
  2. OnTime® for Microsoft
    Outlook desktop, Outlook Web Access, Desktop Web, MS Teams, Mobile devices, Cloud solutions and API access which gives the possibility to integrate the group calendar information within any of your other systems

More information about these products is available here on this website.

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About IntraVision ApS

IntraVision Aps is managed by CEO and Founding Senior Partner Jens Overgaard Dinesen in collaboration with CSO and Partner Lars Schorling.

The Company is owned by the partners Jens Overgaard Dinesen (CEO) and Lars Schorling (CSO) and Martin N. Strandby (CTO)

Our History

OnTime® for Microsoft supports hybrids of multiple online and on-prem Exchange domains.
The first version of OnTime® for Microsoft is released.
Introduction of support for mixed environments of IBM and Microsoft mail users.
Japan. OnTime® for IBM is translated into Japanese as the 6th language we support and we win our first customer account in Japan.
A new era begins as the first OnTime® Group Calendar based on a three-tier architecture is released. It is now much easier to develop and maintain multiple clients.
The ownership of IntraVision is extended with the new partners Lars Schorling (CSO) and Martin N. Strandby (CTO).
IntraVision wins the prestigious price “IBM best worldwide collaboration solution” for OnTime® 

OnTime® enters the German market and signs up with the first foreign partner. German language support is being added to OnTime® for IBM.

OnTime Viewer®, later to be known as the OnTime® Discovery becomes the first fully graphical OnTime® client.
First OnTime® ecosystem partners are welcomed
The first OnTime®  Group Calendar for Lotus Notes releases as a semi graphical solution inside of Notes / Domino database.
IntraVision ApS is founded as a consultancy specializing in technical implementation of Lotus Notes and application development for Lotus Notes.
ontime_name About Us - OnTime Group Calendar

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