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Reaching New Heights With Efficient Visitor Registration

Since 2006, SES has been a valued customer of OnTime, entrusting us with their catering and visitor management needs. Our relationship took an turn in 2018 when SES made the move from Domino to Microsoft, presenting us with an opportunity to innovate.

At that time, OnTime did not offer a visitor management solution for Microsoft, which led SES to adopt alternative systems that ultimately did not meet their unique needs.

Recognising the gap, SES reached out to us in 2020, asking us to expand our Microsoft solution to include both catering and visitor management.

For SES, the purpose of Visitor Management is to ensure that visitors only pass the first security checkpoint if they have a scheduled meeting, promoting professionalism, efficiency, and security.

With SES´ many invaluable inputs from a user standpoint, combined with our knowledge of the Domino solution. Together we created the OnTime Visitor Manager for Microsoft to do exactly that.

OnTime Makes Visitor Registration a Breeze

SES Security Agents are now more organised and always well informed of all meetings and visitor details, security measures have been bolstered, visitors receive efficient handling and never feel lost, daily visitor registration is a smooth process, and visitors enjoy a heightened sense of safety.

"Since the implementation of OnTime Visitor management module, our organisation has witnessed a remarkable transformation. 

   Guy Kirsch | SES Astra

Enhanced Visitor Experience

All of these points convey an impressive image to the outside world. It shows that the organisation is professional, efficient, and security-conscious. OnTime Visitor Management has helped them to optimise their visitor management and provide their visitors with a positive experience.

SES not only uses the OnTime visitor registration management but also several of OnTime's other modules such as Mobile, Catering, and Find Time, which aid in enhancing their efficiency, overview, and overall performance.

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SES Astra
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Solution Components:

  • Microsoft 365
  • MS SQL Server Express
  • Apache TomCat
  • OnTime Group Calendar
  • OnTime Mobile
  • OnTime Find Time
  • OnTime Catering Manager
  • OnTime Visitor Manager

Reaching New Heights With Efficient Visitor Registration