Save Time Planning Events with OnTime Pollarity

When planning countless events every year for many specific communities, OnTime Pollarity helps Gesamtmetall automate and streamline the process of event planning all while maintaining the company’s professional outward appearance.

A Time Consuming Event Planning Process

Gesamtmetall arranges countless events and sessions for their members every year. Every event is particularly aimed towards a specific community inside the federation, and therefore the invitation list varies from event to event concerning both internal members and external participants. In order to find the best date for every event assuring the highest possible attendance, Gesamtmetall uses OnTime Pollarity.


OnTime Pollarity Saves Time and Ensures a Professional Appearance

Before the implementation of OnTime Pollarity, Gesamtmetall used a third-party polling system, which did not integrate within their mail platform. Through this external system, their members and other event participants received an email allowing them to vote between possible meeting dates. This method required manually inserting all data including email address, names, titles, dates etc. into the third-party system, a time consuming and tiring process.

OnTime Pollarity speeds up the entire process of creating meeting polls. It allows users to copy lists of names and email addresses into the poll invite. Thereby, you can easily invite hundreds of people to a poll with just a few clicks. You can even add personal titles and your organisation’s logo and name ensuring a professional and competent outward appearance. Once the invite is sent, the invitees will vote and lastly you pick the date with the highest attendance rate.

For Gesamtmetall these features improved the process of arranging events, saving employees’ time while allowing them to easily create professional polling invitations for entire community teams.

With the vast number of events and sessions a year, it is safe to say that the annual return on investment of the OnTime Pollarity investment runs into  hundred per cent - every year

Werner Ermgassen | Arbeitgeberverband Gesamtmetall

An Active OnTime User

Gesamtmetall is generally an enthusiastic OnTime customer using both OnTime Core, Mobile and Connections besides from Pollarity. Concerning Pollarity they were a first mover, and since the implementation phase, they have been an active customer regularly submitting suggestions and feedback on OnTime Pollarity helping us improve every part of the polling process.

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Gesamtmetall is a Federation of German Employers’ Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries. Gesamtmetall was founded in 1890 and they aim to improve industrial relations and working conditions, and thus the performance of the German Metal and Electricity industry.

Solution Components:

  • HCL Domino
  • HCL Notes
  • HCL Connections
  • OnTime Group Calendar
  • OnTime Mobile
  • OnTime Pollarity
  • OnTime for Connections

Save Time Planning Events with OnTime Pollarity