Share My Time – External Calendar Availability Sharing

In the upcoming release of OnTime version 11 for Domino, we are introducing Share My Time - The solution to help you end the calendar ping pong.

With Share My Time, you can now grant external parties access to your calendar, allowing them to view your availability and schedule meetings with you without having to see your actual schedule. This means saying goodbye to endless back-and-forth emails and hello to a streamlined scheduling process that takes just a few simple steps.

Share My Time offers a variety of features and functions. The features available to you will depend on your OnTime commitment level. You can choose from three options: the Freemium level 2, the Premium version, or the top-of-the-line Premium with the Pollarity add-on.

Read More about Share My Time: https://ontimesuite.com/en/domino/product/share-my-time

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Share My Time – External Calendar Availability Sharing