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A Resilient Calendar Solution, Requiring Little Maintenance

For more than ten years the H&T Group has benefitted from using OnTime Group Calendar. OnTime solves a series of every day scheduling issues and stays in sync with the user’s calendar, all while requiring very little administrative work on a daily basis

For Heitkamp & Thumann Group calendaring is indispensable for efficient time planning. The tool must help the user quickly identify when colleagues are available for appointments, their location and other contact details. A group calendar has to be up-to-date so that new or edited appointments are available immediately.

The standard Notes group calendar did not meet all of H&T’s requirements for efficient planning and availability overview.

After a thorough evaluation, users and management were convinced by the functionality of OnTime® Group Calendar. OnTime has now proved itself in the H&T for more than 8 years and has become vital for the company.

Real Calendaring in Connections

The OnTime® for Connections integration meets H&T’s requirements for transparency, editing, privacy, and confidentiality for group calendaring in full. So all needed qualities are just as available in Connections as in OnTime® Notes.

” OnTime® Group Calendar helps our users to work more efficiently on an everyday basis. From an IT operations perspective it is so resilient that we can almost forget about it in the daily operations. ”

Jörg Rafflenbeul | Group Coordinator IT At Heitkamp & Thumann


• 100 % Notes standard calendar as source of calendar entries
• Control of the confidentiality of calendar entries
• No changes (customizing) of the Notes standard environment
• Automatic administration through Domino directory
• Scalability to support all users in the company group
• Time zone support
• Multi-language support
• Close to real time updating
• Minimal server load

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Heitkamp & Thumann Group Comprises more than twenty medium-sized companies. H&T Group is a leading global partner for the supply of world-class precision-formed components in both metal and plastic. International experience and exchange of knowledge creates a decentralized and customer oriented corporate culture. Focus on innovation is at the very core of the corporate philosophy and entrepreneurial activities.

Solution Components:

• HCL Domino
• HCL Notes
• HCL Connections
• OnTime Group Calendar
• OnTime Mobile
• OnTime Pollarity
• OnTime for Connections

A Resilient Calendar Solution, Requiring Little Maintenance