User debug – How do I enable it?

Please note: The approach described in this document was added in v. 4.2.

User debugging consists of two elements:

  1. API logging to see what traffic is being sent between the OnTime Group Calendar clients (or API) and the OnTime Group Calendar server.
  2. Extended synchronisation logging that  enabled to the user in question to help diagnose specific synchronisation issues for a particular user. This is similar to enabling extended log in an OnTime Server Document for only for specific users and is hence much more lightweight.

Prior to v. 4.2 user synchronisation logging and API logging was enabled separately and in different ways. This is now much easier to enable.

Enabling user debug for one or more users are done as follows:

  1. Open the OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database.
  2. Go to the “Users” view in the left hand navigator.
  3. Select the user(s) to enable/disable user logging for.
  4. From the action bar select “Selected/Debug/Enabled” to enable debugging and “Selected/Debug/Disable” to disable debugging.
  5. A magnifying glass is shown to the right of the names where user debugging is enabled.
  6. Now reproduce the issue and send the OnTime Group Calendar log database to OnTime support as arranged with us.

Remember to disable user debugging once the issue has been reproduced.

User debug – How do I enable it?