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OnTime for Microsoft Teams

Easily Overview and Schedule with Your Team

OnTime in the Flow of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides organisations with a world-class unified communications platform which is rapidly changing the everyday work life of many organisations.

The integration of OnTime in Microsoft Teams provides our users with a versatile and powerful overview of team members' availability and schedules. As members are added to or removed from a team, this is immediately updated in the group calendar for the team. This makes OnTime the easiest way to schedule meetings for the team.

But of course, it does not stop here. Microsoft Teams evolves at an unprecedented pace. We will stay very close to this process and make sure that OnTime constantly evolves to be available to users in new work contexts.

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OnTime® for Microsoft Teams 

OnTime® for Microsoft Teams is free if you have the core OnTime® license

Full Scheduling Capability

Desktop Calendar

With the OnTime® Group Calendar it is always our ambition to provide our users with the best possible overview in a visually appealing style. Therefore, there is obviously also a full-blown OnTime® Calendar for your MS Teams. As you would probably expect the calendar widget allows you to zoom in on a day by clicking the date and to schedule appointments, all day events, and meetings that will be synchronised with your personal calendar in Microsoft Exchange.

OnTime Group Calendar in Teams is easy to install within minutes and maintains itself. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to worry about which people are leaving or joining the Team, as it will automatically show in their group calendar.

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Full Scheduling On the Go

Mobile Calendar

The integration between OnTime and MS Teams goes beyond the desktop interface. Many enjoy being able to access calendar information when on the go. Therefore, users can view their Team through OnTime Mobile. This feature allows you to view your whole Team, the individual members calendar entries, personal contact information, do scheduling, and much more. With this feature, you are ensured a high level of flexibility and mobility in your everyday workflow.

Instant Chats and Meetings

With the newly added "Chat" and "Meet Now" buttons in the top menu, users can now open up chats and start instantaneous meetings with coworkers and colleagues with the click of a button. 

Simply select the people you want to invite in the main view and click on the "Chat" or "Meet Now" button also available on the OnTime Desktop version.

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