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Do Advanced Searches with the New List View Feature

Until now, our family of viewing options has consisted of the Group View, the Personal View and the Time-Off View, which you can see below. Now we have decided to add a new member to the family, the List View. This more advanced search tool, along with the Export feature, will allow users to easily make detailed searches and reports which are not restricted by for example time frame. Additionally, the feature is available for both Domino and Microsoft users.


Amongst many things, the List View and Export features will allow you to:

  • Easily access the List View from the top navigation bar
  • Search for specific information across your organization
  • Configurate the time frame of your search 
  • Search within the calendars of specific people, teams and departments
  • Use key words or legends to find only what is relevant to you
  • Access information about the booking of rooms and resources
  • Easily export data in order to share it, save it, or print it

All in all, the new version allows you to work with data in a more flexible and efficient manner.

ontime_name Do Advanced Searches with the New List View Feature

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