Version 3.9.0



  • Added option to "Copy to Poll" from an existing meeting and include the meeting attendees as poll participants for the new poll.
  • More info available on shared groups to see owners of the groups, even though you are not part of the owner list.
  • Print in the Desktop. This feature is new and allows the user to print to PDF. The PDF can then either be mailed or physically printed. The user can choose between different print formats and whether to print day by day or week by week.
  • It is now possible to use private contacts for invitations and polls
  • Legend colour shows the correct value right after event creation and not just after a refresh of the desktop client.


  • When opening OnTime Mobile for the first time, you will be greeted by an interface that allows you to easily add people to ‘My Team’.
  • You can now edit the people in ‘My Team’ by clicking on the pencil in the group menu.
  • Customize the number of days you wish to see in portrait and landscape mode. This setting is specific to each of your devices, allowing you the best possible overview on both tablet and phone.
  • The ‘Add New Entry’-button has been moved to the bottom right corner of the screen for easy access.
  • You can now customize whether you want your OnTime Mobile to start up in ‘My Team’ or in the group you used last. 
  • The interface now shows "Offline" if no data connections is available.
  • Events with Show As status set to "Free" will now show grey legend like in the desktop client.
  • Added separate selection of authentication method for the Mobile add-on from the admin client.


  • Polls now automatically record all activity in a poll such as e.g. creation/user votes/new time slot added
  • Members of a poll can now comment/chat inside the Poll and thereby enrich the dialogue around the poll. This includes an option for sending a private message directly to the poll owner.
  • Polls are now archived once they have resulted in an invitation. Archived polls will stay in the archive for the number of days defined in global settings
  • When selecting to delete a poll it is now possible to select whether the poll should be archived or permanently deleted
  • Added option to copy an existing Poll to a new poll
  • Polling on behalf of someone else. From the single person view, it is now possible to create a poll on behalf of someone else.
  • The email addresses of Poll participants are no longer displayed in the external voting interfaces on desktop and mobile.
  • It is now possible to add or remove time slots for a poll. If a new timeslot is added all participants will be requested by mail to vote again.
  • The desktop interface for the poll owner has been redesigned to make the use of timezones more intuitive when creating and maintaining a poll
  • The External Desktop voting interface now supports that users can switch timezone for a clearer understanding of options
  • The External Mobile voting interface now supports that users can switch timezone for a clearer understanding of options
  • It is now possible to change the subject of an existing / already saved poll
  • It is now possible to use private contacts for invitations and polls
  • Creating a poll is much faster than in previous versions.


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues and other minor bugs


  • Fixed issue with repeated meetings spanning daylight saving time
  • Fixed issue with enforce https in IE11. The issue would cause the desktop client not to load.
  • Fixed an issue with manual sorting in private groups. 


  • Fixed an issue where private groups were not sorted correctly when using manual sort mode.


  • Fixed issue to allow the "Author" role to work again. Introducing the Roles system in the latest release introduced a bug that we did not support the possibility to use the "Author" role from outlook, which allow users to only edit events on other users that they created themselves.


  • It is now again possible to upgrade from versions before 2.8.0


  • It is now possible to use empty lines in the name format, without them being overwritten with default values in the desktop client

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