Version 1.3.0



  • New add-in for MS Outlook
  • Hide the subject (Private) if is not viewable in order to make the view more easy to overview
  • Visual change on invitations to make it easier for the user to see the difference


  • Override setting to always show Categories (colors) in the views even if you only have free/busy access
  • Add support for HTTP proxy for outgoing API calls to EWS
  • 'Enable LDAP' moved to the LDAP Server menu
  • Https support - documentation added in the FAQ
  • License information added including no of licenses and domain
  • STOP buttons removed on Database Service in the Dashboard
  • Dashboard improved now has autoupdate on status messages


  • Using on premise Exchange 2016 Calendar Permissions can be controlled by using groups. Office 365 does not support this feature.
  • Configuration now support AD groups
  • New upgrade tool to make upgrading easier
  • Support for loadbalancer og Proxy
  • Tools to support upgrade from version 1.1.x/1.2.x to 1.3.x


  • New API to enhance development with other OnTime interfaces and other external business solutions
  • User Lookup by email address


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues and minor bugs.


  • Problem with long email addresses in login (above 37 characters)
  • Fixed sizing and scrolling issue in the Group sidebar
  • Removed limit on number of Groups being displayed in the Group sidebar panel
  • Change in date interval (on arrows top left) corrected
  • All-day events now show correct duration
  • "Show as" - naming: Out of Office changed to Away to align with Outlook naming


  • Fixed reloading after changing language
  • EWS User Sync Invalid name resolution
  • www-form-url-encoided gets translated to an invalid space char and therefore caurse the user not to be able to login
  • Fetching correct directory groups now fixed
  • User with remote mailbox does not stop sync
  • Permissions now updates on change
  • Support for special characters in name resolution

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