Version 2.5.0



  • Introducing multiple configurable display lines for each person being displayed in views and on business cards
  • Select all/none check box added
  • Private groups can now be sorted manually by the user


  • Ability to limit who can see certain groups (both static and dynamic groups)
  • Support for new type of synchronisation termed  "My personal" events. These events will only be shown to the owner of the personal calendar
  • Ability to sort Static groups has been added. This is configured in the admin setup
  • You can now create multiple sets of default settings in order to support teams from multiple geografies
  • The system administration can now choose for how long time the OnTime token shall stay alive on the user's desktop and mobile devices
  • Option to configure the size of the sidebar. This is particularly relevant if long groups names are used
  • Email line has been added to the person and his/her name. This can help you when selecting people from your organisation in your Event/invitation or when managing your personal groups
  • Number of deployed and consumed licenses are now always displayed on the Dashboard and the Users page
  • Expiration date displayed on the Dashboard if running on a trial license
  • If Exchange does not deliver avater formats in 96x96 px as requested, we now log the problem
  • Action bar and actions have been changed to ease the users overview and experience
  • Warning message has been applied to all pages to ensure that the admin do not forget to save before leaving the page
  • Preconfigured set of Legends
  • Changed naming on some Actions to make them more understandable


  • Support for ADFS SSO
  • Introducing the URL forwarder to be able to configure what port you want to run on (example port: 80)
  • Updated backend to Java 8 and SQL 2016
  • Installation and upgrade process has been simplified with less steps
  • Silent SQL installation of MS SQL Express 2016 has been added to simplify the installation process
  • Authentication is default enabled during installation
  • Added a member sync all


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues and minor bugs.


  • OnTime now updates date/time if the event has been changed outside of OnTime without refresh
  • Added a scrollbar to the person dropdown box
  • Sorting of names in person dropdown box now returns expected result
  • View is now refreshed prior to creating events in order to avoid conflicts
  • Default colour applied to events if the default legend has been deleted in the Admin panel
  • Now possible to Log Out even when using domain service
  • Closing "About" does not close the application


  • Language was returning English event if another language had been selected
  • Categories disappeared on save of the configuration


  • Memory leak in LDAP implementation resolved
  • Scripts now supports if the Tomcat is not installed on the C: drive
  • Fixed that user synchronisation failed because of timeout (usually because trace has been enabled)
  • Solved missing invitees if the event did not have a correct "CreatorID"

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