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Version 7.7.0



  • OnTime Catering for Domino is now finally officially released. This version includes improvements based on feedback for both the Preview version released with 6.5 as weel as feedback for the OnTime for Microsoft version which has been available for one year now.  The OnTime Catering module is the organisation's one-stop shop for managing catering within the organisation. The Catering module facilitates the entire process, from request to invoice. You can read much about the Catering module here. Please do not hesitate to contact sales for more information or to run a trial of the new module. If you want to get a short YouTube video presentation please look here


  • Added ability to Decline/Change resource booking (within a meeting) by room/resource Editors.
  • Added support for launching Domino online meetings
  • Advanced search page: Added Email to list of search options
  • Button to join meeting if a link exists in the Location field.
  • Create a new meeting by copying details from an existing meeting with or without the description included.
  • Sametime 11: Awareness Icon is now visible on the users business card.
  • Sametime 11: Awareness now shows icon for Offline - Only for users the sametime server has as valid users.
  • Sametime 11: New awareness icons for Mobile login
  • Searching for people / rooms resources to invite to meeting or include in a poll has received several improvements. Searching for invitees can now include:
    • OnTime Calendar Users
    • Domino directories
    • Users own contacts
    • Pollarity (if available)
    • Optional database source

    Except for the OnTime Calendar Users the OnTime can administrate whether the other directory sources should be available to the user. Number of search results per search source can also be defined from the OnTime Global Settings.

    Searching by email address as an alternative to the name is now also supported. If they are available and the users does not want to use these additional sources, they can be deselected from the UI of Desktop client.

  • Top Panel: Added view settings on panel instead of in the in the dropdown menu.


  • The mobile has been aligned with the desktop to allow for login validation by either password or by clicking an email link. 


  • A new Email setting on Custom Directory, to specify what field contains the Email address which can now be used in searches for invitees.
  • Connections settings have been added to the External Access Server configuration
  • New Web setting to choose login options for Desktop and Mobile. Options are validation by either password or by clicking an email link.
  • OnTime Group Calendar passed "smoke" test on Notes / Domino 12 - Build 2.  To open the OnTime Config database you must have an HCL Notes client version 10 or higher. This requirement is only for the administrator.
  • Role settings from template now has Exchange users set to "View schedule information" set to all.
  • Connections settings have been added to the External Access Server configuration


  • Private / Shared groups are now preserved during move of users from Domino to Exchange.
    Update Calendar Stats in Data database for Exchange users which previously only included data for Domino users.



In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues


  • An attachment with a space in the filename had the space converted to "+" when downloaded.
  • Events calculated to be set to private via 'Show as Private' in Global Settings showed data that should have been protected.
  • Events on the business card event list did not start on the day selected in the date picker.
  • List Search preset showed wrong save box.
  • On creation of new entry or updating an existing entry, selected categories were not sent correctly to Exchange, and thereby they were "lost"
  • Verse switch between "tabs" sometimes opened wrong url.
  • When working hours were changed from the OnTime client this was not updated in the users mail file. 


  • If email address in Domino Directory and the email address from Connections had different casing, then the user was not shown in OnTime, when switching from the widget to full screen


  • Did not run a daily 24 hours sync for Exchange based users (users was not sync within 24 hours)
  • Domino to Exchange user migration did not clear all fields used in Domino but not relevant for Exchange (MailReplicaID, ForwardAddress, AltFullName, TeamCalendars, SkipReplicaIDLookup, iNotesUrl)
  • Ensured that OnTime does not create a new user, when an email is not found in the config even though the "fullname" from the Domino directory nab is found (email address changes during migration) 


  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Verse applications.json file.
  • Fixed an error where the Broadcast process would delete a locally imported holiday calendar for a user.
  • Fixed an error which prevented the servlet to be installed on Linux.
  • Verse applications.json file missing a closing bracket "}" which affected running OnTime on another server than the mail server. 
  • Added validation of Profile workhours times to ensure valid data in OnTime.


  • A negative value for duration in workhours corrupted OnTime's presentation of availability.
  • Fix an issue which would occur if one (or more) of the users workhour settings were blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Room/Resource blocker information was not updated in OnTime.
  • Pollarity: Clean up of obsolete Emails are now working again, plus added as option to define interval to preserve.


  • Group members for deleted (changed) users are preserved for 5 days. This allows an Exchange admin to properly migrate group members after a migration to Exchange from Domino.


ontime_name Version 7.7.0

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