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Version 7.6.0



  • The top navigation bar has been redesigned and uncluttered. There is now a simple dropdown to switch between days/weeks /Time Off and List. A slider now determines the number of days or weeks displayed. Also, shortcuts have been added for ease of navigation (alt+1) and so forth.


  • The settings area has been redesigned for clarity and improved useability. New options to define Startup View/Group. Options include View or Group by name or the last selected/used View/Group
  • It is now possible for an organisation to apply their choice of colours to the top navigation bar. This is particularly relevant if you for example integrate OnTime in a portal or something similar.
  • In version 7.5 we added the new List View feature which allows users to search lists based on different criteria. We are now adding "Preset Searches". This allows users to save useful sets of predefined searches


  • Polls now show an update notification if there are updates to a poll the user is a member of. The actual update will be in the Stream area. The Notification will be visible by number in the icon bar to the left and by a red dot in the list of polls

    Update of poll
  • Added a new print report designed specifically for Time Off 

  • Removed a limitation where it was not possible to click on a date and expand to 24 hours if more than three weeks were displayed in the viewer.
  • The date picker for available timeslots has been replaced from the simple list to the more advanced and user-friendly picker already used in OnTime Pollarity.


  • The OOO (Out Of Office) status for each user has been added to the business card.
  • Added a new option to control the Avatar background colour. Each user will get an automatically calculated colour on their avatar if they do not have a photo in OnTime
  • A new image viewer has been added to the user page.
  • Date picker now has infinite scroll only limited by sync interval when the left navigation bar is collapsed.


  • Fixed an issue where categories were missing 


  • Default Settings reorganized for clarity


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues


  • Fixed an issue where an All Day event would become a two-day event if moved
  • Fixed an issue where just changing the dates of an All Day event created in another timezone, would change the start and end time
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the person view mode, made it "jump" to today - instead of just refreshing
  • My Notices and meeting polls disappeared when using single person view
  • When searching for either users or calendar entries the search term was lost if the selected date/view was changed


  • Showing of initials is now aligned to always follow the display setting for First Name / Last Name in the widgets 


  • Fixed an issue where ACL fields from Domino were not removed when a user was migrated from Domino to Exchange.


  • Fixed an issue where the ACL info was hidden / not updated for Mail-in db
  • Fixed an issue where the "External Access Server" document erroneously had some hide when formulas for the legacy Exchange license


  • Calculation of Room / Resource access was incorrect, combined with the global option "Prevent viewing details for other peoples bookings"
  • Token: Api - OnBehalfOf generated token will now be returned for all legacy api calls (api<=7)


ontime_name Version 7.6.0

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