Version 6.0.0


Version 6.0 of OnTime for IBM Domino is fully supported on IBM Domino 10. All Backend Domino databases have undergone a design realignment to look more like the Web Desktop client for a consistent experience.  


  • Made it possible to let sorting in views be based on type i.e. Person, Room, Resource, Team Calendar. This is configured from user settings. Please be aware that you need to save the user settings documents for this to take effect.
  • Support for displaying checked overlay calendars from the Notes client
  • Support for IBM Domino Team Calendars as individual rows shown in the group calendar. This new feature also allows you to invite from the selected Domino Team Calendar
  • Print in the Desktop. This feature is new and allows the user to print to PDF. The PDF can then either be mailed or physically printed.
  • Search has been refined. The new search which allows the user to search for People / Rooms or Resources (All / Name / Title / Company / Location / Department) or search for calendar entries (All / Subject / Location / Category / Attendees (email) / Chairperson)
  • For Exchange users who have been added to the OnTime calendar, it is now possible to create meetings from the OnTime Desktop interface.  The meetings can include a mix of Domino and Exchange users and rooms. Exchange users can create and cancel/delete meetings. Domino users can do all of the above and in addition, they can edit the meetings. If a reservation of an Exchange room is changed from another interface than OnTime the time slot will not be in sync. 
  • To make navigation easier we have added icons to the action menus
  • When dragging on other users to create to a meeting the active users have always become chair of the meeting. We have now added an option so that if you hold ALT down while dragging the user you are dragging on will become the chair.
  • If Calendar for is left blank we now automatically add the active user to this field


  • Updated default settings to be,  placeholder documents = enabled, Mark Available = Yes, Hidden for other users in OnTime


  • Added ability to create an API user from the configuration database of OnTime. This eliminates the process of logging in to Domino to get an LTPA token, which in turn can be used to request an OnTime token. The OnTime API User token is provided to the developer at the time of creating the API user. The expiry of the OnTime API User token is defined at the time of creation of the Token and can be renewed manually.
  • It is now possible to log out when started inside Notes


  • Show participant status for Exchange users on mobile devices in hybrid mode


  • It is now possible to request synchronisation  of Exchange users from the users' view
  • To avoid shared private groups becoming orphans when a user leaves the organisation, a change has been made which allows all members of a group to edit if the last owner has left the organisation.
  • Install/Update servlets has been merged into one action
  • To further increase security we have added a validation of identity for servlet commends
  • Question mark in the top bar links to the current documentation
  • Run daily admin process is now set as default


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues


Fixed an issue where "Disable Out Of Office" from the global config was ignored

Please Note
The Notes / Eclipse interface has for a long time been heading for retirement. New browser technologies have made it possible for us to create a much more scalable, visually appealing and multi-platform ready solution with our OnTime Web Desktop. 

Starting with OnTime for IBM release 6.0 we are no longer including the Eclipse Notes client / TAAG in the product download. If you need a copy of the last released version of the code please contact us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!  

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