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Web Interface

Application Settings for the Web Interface

This FAQ outlines the different application settings available to change the default behaviour of the OnTime Group Calendar Web Interface.

Application settings are configured from the OnTime Config DB using the "Default Settings" as shown below.


Default Settings


Below you will find a section per setting and a description of the setting.



This application setting allows you to control whether photos should be displayed as squares or circles in the interface. This setting takes values between 0 and 50 where 0 equals square and 50 round.


This application setting allows control over additional height of the body field on calendar entries in pixels.


To avoid conflicts when saving edited entries, the client will refetch data from the back end, before the user is presented with the calendar entry dialogue box. This setting takes the value true or false. This resembles doing a refresh (F9) before opening the entry for editing.


Changes the number of days into the future the clients will perform a freetime search. The default value is 93 days (3 months). Use this setting to override the value. If <= 0 we use the default value.


This setting controls how many users can be added to a private or a shared group. The default value is 200 but can be increased. It is however important that the total size of the combined names never exceed 32Kb.


Allows you to show more than the default 2 weeks in the weeks view.


Allows you to show more than the default 8 weeks in the weeks view.


This setting controls how many users are loaded at a time in the main view. This setting can be increaed in newer browsers but older browsers can run out of memory if you increase this setting.


This setting controls whether 1,2 or 3 lines of information from the name format should be displayed in the name selection dialogue boxes.