Is there any Domino Server settings that needs to be set?

Please note: If you are using the servlet to improve performance for HTTP based calls the below information is not applicable.

There are a few Domino Server settings that needs to be set to make sure OnTime Group Calendar runs as smoothly as possible. These are listed below.

Concurrently web agents

On the server document in the Domino Directory on the "Internet Protocols/Domino Web Engine" there is a setting called "Run web agents and web services concurrently?" that needs to be enabled. This setting is disabled by default and restricts Domino from running the same agent concurrently.


The OnTime Group Calendar web interface only supports form based authentication also known as "Multiple Servers (SSO)". Whether you use LtpaToken or LtpaToken2 is up to you.


Friday, 08 May 2015 Posted in Administration