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How do I monitor which clients and in what version users connect with?

Starting with OnTime Group Calendar v. 4.2, for each user connecting to OnTime Group Calendar, we log the client name (Application ID, ApplID) and the client version (Application Version, ApplVer). The information is logged automatically and saved to the user setting document for each user. To see the actual user settings documents do the following:

  1. Assign the [Developer] role to your self in OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database.
  2. Open the OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database.
  3. In the "Developer" section on the left open the "Users Settings" view.

This view contains all the user setting documents. These documents has a number of backend fields - two fields per client (more specifically Application ID) as follows:

SettingsRead_<Application ID>_Ver
SettingsRead_<Application ID>_Time

For instance a user accessing OnTime Group Calendar using the OnTime GC Notes client (Application ID: Notes2011), Team-At-A-Glance sidebar component (Application ID: TAAG2011) and OnTime Group Calendar Mobile (Application ID: Mobile2011) will have the following 6 fields:

SettingsRead_Notes2011_Ver = ""
SettingsRead_Notes2011_Time = "03/08/2015 10:19:43 CEDT"
SettingsRead_TAAG2011_Ver = ""
SettingsRead_TAAG2011_Time = "31/07/2015 17:19:43 CEDT"
SettingsRead_Mobile2011_Ver = "4.2.2a"
SettingsRead_Mobile2011_Time = "12/07/2015 00:38:54 CEDT"

At the time of this writing this information is not surfaced in the user interface but is accessible using agents or manual access using the Document Property Explorer in IBM Notes.

Monday, 03 August 2015 Posted in Administration