Application Settings for the Notes/Team-at-a-Glance clients

This FAQ outlines the different application settings available to change the default behaviour of the OnTime Group Calendar Notes and Team-at-a-Glance user interfaces. Below you will find a section per setting and a description of the setting. Unless specified the setting apply both to the Notes and Team-at-a-Glance user interfaces (please note that since these are application setting you do need to set the setting for both user interfaces).


By default all users available in OnTime Group Calendar will be findable when inviting peple for a meeting (including uses the current user doesn't have access to). Setting this setting to true will changes this default behaviour so that only people the current user have "view schedule information" to will be shown. Not setting this setting or setting it to false will enable the default behaviour.

Setting this setting does not hide the input field allowing the user to invite people by email or Notes email address.

From version: 4.1.1


By default the "Open In Notes" button is shown whenever it's possible to attempt to open a given calendar entry in the Notes calendar. Since this may not always be desireable you may set this setting to true to disable the "Open in Notes" button from appearing on calendar entries from other peoples calendar. Not setting this setting or setting it to false will show the button.

From version: 4.1.0


Starting with version 4.1.0 the user interface will display the off hours or people, rooms and resources in the user interface. There is also an option to temporarily disable the display from the dropdown next to the scope selector (where you select between Day, Days, Week etc.). By setting this setting to true off hours are not displayed in the UI at all. Please note that off hours will still be honored for busy checks and when searching for available rooms and resources.

From version: 4.1.0


By default when creating a calendar entry in a users calendar the list of categories is a combination of the categories from the persons calendar and the 5 default categories from the default IBM Notes mail tempalte (Vacation, Projects, Clients, Phone Calls, Travel, Holiday). By setting this setting to true you can change this behaviour and not have the default categories added to the list.

From version: 4.0.0


Set the value to the number of minutes between automatic reload. Adding AutoUpdateDelay=30 will set the reload interval to 30 minutes. Setting the value to 0 disables the automatic reload of calendar data. The default delay is 15 minutes.

From version: 3.10.0


By default users are resolved in IBM Sametime using the email address of the user in OnTime. In some situations it may be required to use the shortname (or "uid" as it's sometimes called instead). To change the default behavior set an application setting called SametimeWatchItem="ShortName".

If the setting isn’t set or has a value other than "ShortName" the e-mail address is used.

From version: 3.10.0


The clients by default sort rooms and resources after (below) people. Some customers like to fully control the sorting which is possible by setting this setting to true.

Once this application setting is set alternate sorting is also honored for all calendars incl. rooms and resources. The actual formula for the alternate sorting is specified in the "Alt. Sort Order" field on the Global Settings in the OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database. Please note that this formula is evaluated against the person document in the Domino Directory.

From version: 3.10.0


By default the default choice when searching for people, rooms and resources is to search by "Name". This setting overrides this behaviour and by setting it to true the default selected item in the search by dropdown list is "All". Without the setting or with the setting set to false the search defaults to "Name".

From version: 3.9.0

DisablePrint (only for OnTime Group Calendar - Notes)

To hide the "Print" buttons from the user interface and hence disable printing you may set this setting to true. Without the setting or with the setting set to false the print functionality is enabled.

From version: 3.8.5


In version 4.4.0 the clients will open the groups panel to the Public groups instead of Favorite groups. After introducing partial loading of groups this has no performance impact on startup. To keep the behaviour of starting to the Favorite groups set this application setting to true. Starting with version 4.5 the client will remember the last selection of the user and start to either Public or "My Groups" based on where the user was when closing the client.

Only for version: 4.4.0


Please note: As of version 4.4.x these settings are no longer supported as Custom Field visibility can now be controlled directly from the OnTime Group Calendar Config database.

From version 4.1.0 of OnTime Group Calendar - Notes interface we introduced the option of adding custom fields to the user interface. By default the custom fields are enabled for all calendar entry types (appointment, meeting, allday appointment, multi appointment, room only reservation, resource only reservation). Some customers may however like to disable custom fields on certain calendar entry types. To facilitate this the following application settings are available:


Setting any of these application settings to true will disable custom fields on that particular calendar entry type. 

Starting with v. 4.1.2 (to and including version 4.3.x) you can also set a application settings as follows to control whether custom field contents should be displayed for private calendar entries:


The setting should be set to true to not show contents.

From version: 4.1.0
To version: 4.3.x


As of version 4.5 the clients have a timer to dismiss the hover dialog after a set duration. By default this duration is 7,5 seconds but may be overridden using an application setting. Set the setting to the time in milliseconds to display the hover. If the application setting is not set, set to 0 or a negative number the default duration is used.

From version: 4.5.0


Changes the number of days into the future the clients will perform a freetime search. The default value is 93 days (3 months). Use this setting to override the value. If <= 0 we use the default value. This setting only applied to the Notes client.

From version: 5.0.2

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