Steps when moving MM to another server

To do list

  1. Stop Server (Stop OnTimeMM, RnRMgr, Sched)  (both Servers)
  2. Copy files (MM and MMTask) via the OS !!! Important (both servers has to be stopped)
  3. Delete the Busytime (Clubusy) on both servers
  4. Edit notes.ini so task is not starting (delete server task OntimeMM og RnRMgr)
  5. Start the servers
  6. Edit in the NAB – Mail-in databases (Via new agent)
  7. Replicate the NAB
  8. If upgrade of MM needed then do it now (incl the Task db)!!
  9. Update the ACL regarding Admin Server (advanced tab)
  10. Correct the MM –Site document (Via new agent field: ”AdminServer”)
  11. Start Sched – Rebuild the busytime
  12. Start RnRMgr (wait for ok –sh ta RnrMgr=idle)
  13. Start OnTimeMM (start it from the Task db)
  14. Edir the notes.ini (re-establish the Server Task line)
  15. Restart the server
  16. Test MM 

Move OnTime Meeting Manager Task to new server

  1. Create new Server Option doc for new server, all other options identical to old
  2. File copy to new Server via OS

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Posted in Administration