What are the limitations in the API Explorer?

The OnTime Group Calendar API is a separate offering and is purchased separately so the API Explorer is deliberately limited in what it can return. By default the API Explorer uses the ApiExplorer Application ID which is limited in the following way:

  • A Disclaimer is shown on all calls to the API
  • Will only return the first 5 calendar entries per user
  • Will only return 10 users at a time (UsersAll, UsersInfo, UserSearch)
  • Will only return 10 results in a freetime search for a maximum of 3 users
  • Suffix subject with a string indicating that the calendar entry was created with the ApiExplorer Application ID when creating calendar entries
  • Suffic subject with a string indicating that out-of-office was enabled using the ApiExplorer Application ID when saving out-of-office

Please note that none or these limitations are present when the Open API option has been purchased and using a custom Application ID issued by OnTime support.

Monday, 01 June 2015 Posted in Development