OnTime Freemium for Domino Available Now

OnTime Freemium - The Scheduling Power for HCL Domino is available now!

To make the Domino clients VERSE and Notes even more powerful with group calendar features, we have been working in close partnership with HCl. This means that OnTime Group Calendar is now an integrated part of the roadmap for Domino.

OnTime Group Calendar is the leading calendar productivity tool for scheduling across groups in and outside the organisation. Traditionally, OnTime has been the go-to solution for medium to large organisations that need a better overview of activities as well as availability. Freemium now also allows smaller organisation or groups within larger organisations to benefit from OnTime, at no cost however with limited features.

Download Freemium diretly from us today!

Choose you Freemium level

Freemium is divided into 2 levels. Your level depends on both the size of your organization, as well as your engagement level with us. We highly recommend you to get level 2. The highest freemium level, which will give you advantages such as a 50 user version and the mobile add-on. What's not to like?

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OnTime Freemium for Domino Available Now