How are groups resolved when the multi-domain option is enabled?

You may run OnTime Group Calendar even though you are running multiple domains in your Domino environment but it does pose some additional challenges when names and groups need to be resolved. In general the only requirement that OnTime Group Calendar imposes when running in multi-domain configuration is that all the Domino Directories from the other Domino domains must be replicated to the Domino server running the admin-task. OnTime Group Calendar does not however require Directory Assistance or similar to be configured.

Configuring the multi-domain option is very simple and generally only consists of adding references to the various Domino Directory databases and mapping each to a Domino domain. This is very clearly described in the OnTime Group Calendar Installation manual.

Resolving groups

When using the multi-domain option special care needs to be taken when group names are specified. All group names may have the domain name appended to explicitly tell OnTime Group Calendar which Domino Directory to use when resolving the group. If nested groups are used they are resolved against the same Domino Directory as the parent group. If no domain is specified for a group OnTime Group Calendar will look to the group in allconfigured Domino Directory databases and resolve the group as being the combination of users from across directories.

Configuration example

Consider an Domino environment with three domains called US, EU and JP and an organisational certifier called /ACME. The OnTime Group Calendar admin-task is designated to run on the OnTimeServer/ACME server in the EU domain. To enable the multi-domain option the administrator would perform the following steps:

  1. Replicate the Domino Directory for the US and JP domains to the OnTimeServer/ACME server in the EU domain.
  2. In the OnTime Group Calendar configuration database enable the multi-domain option mapping each Domino Directory to the corresponding domain.
  3. Make sure all groups used in the OnTime Group Calendar configuration is qualified with a domain name. E.g. the group SalesEurope from the EU Domino Directory should be SalesEurope@EU to explicitly tell OnTime how to resolve the group.
Group resolving example

Imagine the following groups from the Domino Directories mentioned above.

EU domain
  • SalesEurope (members: Jane Ellen/ACME@EU, Marc Rogers/ACME@EU)
  • Administrators (members: Pete Sams/ACME@EU)
US domain
  • SalesUS (members: Sales@US)
  • Sales (members: John Ops/ACME@US, Eileen Hums/ACME@US)
  • Administrators (members: Marc Willis/ACME@US)
JP domain
  • SalesJP (members: Sales@JP)
  • Sales (members: Jiro Tokyo/ACME@JP, Masuru Heiku/ACME@JP)
  • Administrators (members: Jiro Tokyo/ACME@JP)

Below are examples from resolving the specified group names using the Domino Directories above.

  • SalesEurope (result: Jane Ellen/ACME@EU, Marc Rogers/ACME@EU)
  • SalesEurope@EU (result: Jane Ellen/ACME@EU, Marc Rogers/ACME@EU)
  • Administrators@JP (result: Jiro Tokyo/ACME@JP)
  • Administrators@US (result: Marc Willis/ACME@US)
  • Administrators (result: Pete Sams/ACME@EU, Marc Willis/ACME@US, Jiro Tokyo/ACME@JP)
    Please note: Resolved against all directories as no domain name is specified for the group and the group exists in all directories)
  • Sales@US (result: John Ops/ACME@US, Eileen Hums/ACME@US)
  • Sales (result: John Ops/ACME@US, Eileen Hums/ACME@US, Jiro Tokyo/ACME@JP, Masuru Heiku/ACME@JP)
    Please note: Resolved against US and JP directories as no domain name is specified for the group name was found in both the US and JP directories.

How are groups resolved when the multi-domain option is enabled?