Version 11.0.9



Version 11.0.9 marks the conclusion of a series of security enhancements introduced in versions 11.0.7, 11.0.8, and 11.0.8a of OnTime Group Calendar. We remain dedicated to addressing any security-related concerns and urge all OnTime customers to upgrade to version 11.0.9 for optimal security.
  • New option for Token Timeout. In previous versions of OnTime it has been possible to define an "OnTime Token Timeout" in the server documents. This is the interval after which the token expires unless renewed. The token was automatically renewed whenever the user updated data in OnTime from the server. In consequence the token could live forever if renewed within the defined interval. This method still exists and is referred to as "Rolling" token timeout. In version 11.0.9 a new method referred to as "Hard" token time out has been introduced. It is now possible to define a time period after which the user will have to login again with credentials to obtain a new token.
  • For mail login it is now possible to define a "Mail Login Sender Address" in the server documents. Your organisation can choose to use a different value than "OnTime Group Calendar" to make the mail less generic and more trustworthy for the users with your organisation.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues.

  • Fixed a search situation that could lead to a halt in the interface forcing a reload of the interface to continue.
  • Added additional calculation of link to avoid possible situation where the link included a "null" value.

Version 11.0.9