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A Modern and User-Friendly Group Calendar Guarantees a Quick Return of Investment!

With OnTime® Group Calendar you are guaranteed a simple and smooth calendar experience in a modern interface. Navigate around with no trouble, stay updated on the latest changes to your and your colleagues’ schedules, and save time and energy with the many user-friendly features, all in a simplistic and modernized calendar-design.

If you want the best possible group calendar, OnTime® is the answer. Check the prises below, and be amazed by the quick Return of Investment.

OnTime Group Calendar is licensed per user. A license is required for each user or resource configured in a group calendar. If a user or resource is included in more than one OnTime Group Calendar it will still only require one license for this user.

There is no server license and licenses can be used across locations within the same legal entity.

License Terms

What are the General Terms and Conditions when you buy OnTime® products?

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The minimum fee to upgrade from one interval to another is the equivalent of EUR 750.

Maintenance and Support

What do you get when signing up for OnTime Maintenance and/or Support?

Existing Customer

If you are an existing OnTime® Group Calendar customer with interest in buying additional licenses or add-ons, please contact us or one of our business partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a trial and decide to buy, will I have to redo the installation?

No, you don’t. You already downloaded OnTime for the trial, and all you have to do when you then decide to buy is change the license key, which will keep OnTime activated. Changing the license key takes less than 30 seconds and is very easy. This will in no way affect the settings and information stored in OnTime, and you will be able to pick up right where you left off.

Can I differentiate the number of licenses I purchase, e.g. Mobile and Core?

It is not possible to differentiate between the number of licenses purchased for the Core OnTime Group Calendar and the add-ons you choose to have, such as Mobile and Pollarity. This is the case since you receive one license key for all licenses that either includes the add-ons or doesn’t.

How long does it take from purchase until OnTime is running?

If you’ve already downloaded OnTime, because you did a free 30-day trial before purchasing the Group Calendar, you just have to change your license key, which takes less than 30 seconds and I very easy.

If you haven’t downloaded OnTime the installation will take anywhere between a couple of hours to a day, depending on how complex your organisational structure is.

If I buy a perpetual license, what will my costs be the 2nd Year?

With a perpetual license, you can choose to include Maintenance, which means that you will have access to all the updated versions of OnTime. This way you will always have the best version of OnTime available to you, making your OnTime experience the best possible. Maintenance has an annual cost of 20% of the list price, and there is a minimum of two annual updates.

If you don’t wish to have Upgrade Maintenance for your OnTime Group Calendar, the price of the 2nd year would be nothing.

What is the minimum amount of licenses I can purchase?

The minimum amount of licenses that can be purchased is the Small Business solution, which includes storage, sync tasks and 50 licenses. From there on and up the number can be customized depending on what the needs in your company are. 

How can I pay for OnTime?

The only way to pay for OnTime is by receiving an invoice from us and using a bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards and so on.

What do I need a license for?

The license model in OnTime means that a license is necessary for people, rooms, and resources that are included in OnTime to be viewed. This makes it possible to invite people, and book rooms and resources in one easily integrated process.

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