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Version 5.0.0


  • Apache Log4j is a Java-based logging utility originally written by Ceki Gülcü. It is part of the Apache Logging Services, a project of the Apache Software Foundation. This module is actively used by the logging function of OnTime Group Calendar. A vulnerability has been identified in this module. New versions of the Log4j have just been released and we have now implemented version 2.15.0 in OnTime for Microsoft version 5.0 to remove this threat. 



  • Add Feature Search to Room Search (accessibility/audio/display/video)
  • Shortened action labels to allow more space when not maximised.
  • NEW FEATURE - Added entirely new Out Of Office management as described below.


  • NEW FEATURE - Added entirely new Out Of Office management as described below.
  • Find Room redesigned and now includes ability to select based Location, Building and Floor.
  • Startup group can now be selected from the the list of personal groups (like in the Desktop)


  • Deleted locations are no longer available for selection from the location list.


  • A new Out of Office tab has been added to the default settings.
  • Added new option to define scope for dynamic groups by specifiyng the directory groups that should form the basis.
  • OnTime now supports two authentication methods for OAuth in Office 365: 1. OAuth – Client Credentials 2. Oauth – Impersonation User The Client Credentials method is new in this version of OnTime. If you connect to MS Exchange Online, Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft recommends OAuth – Client Credentials, authentication which supports multifactor authentication.
  • The name of the manager from AD is now synchronised and visible on the user page.
  • To help organisations increase adoption of OnTime OnTime is now showing the last time a user logged in. Further an export has been added which also includes city, country, state, department, location. This list can now be exported by request to a csv file.


  • Added a more resilient approach for potential timing issues with on-prem ADFS certificate synchronisation
  • Improved time zone support especially for all day events. The users defined time zone for work hours is now used when creating or editing entries. If this not configured the OnTime server time zone will be used.
  • The manager from AD is now synchronised and visible on the user page.
  • Upgraded Tomcat to version 9.0.55.



In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues and other minor bugs.


  • External users are not added in the Catering order count
  • Fixed an issue where delegated author rights were not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to paste an email address into the list of required or optional invitees for a meeting.


  • Fixed formating issues in the catering prints.
  • It is no longer possible to delete a menu item if it is in use. The user will now be presented with a message that says "The menu item is associated with an order in the system and can therefore not be deleted."
  • It is now possible to remove/delete a canteen.    


  • The OnTime login token now uses local storage instead of cookies as required by Microsoft.


Introducing OnTime Out of Office - Part of the Core license for OnTime

The Out of Office feature allows users to request and have selected types of Out of Office time approved by a selected manager. Manager can be based on manager defined in Microsoft Active Directory.

oootheuser Version 5.0.0

The interface for the user making a request

oootheapprover Version 5.0.0

The interface for the approver responding to the request


ooomobile Version 5.0.0

The interface for the approver responding to the request 


ooocomparecalendars Version 5.0.0

Allows an approver to see compare with other users calendars when approving. 


ontime_name Version 5.0.0

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