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From the OnTime® Desktop you can easily access the many different functions of your calendar, navigate around to find necessary information, and create events and appointments in no time. The modern interface provides a quick overview allowing you to save valuable time when scheduling and focus on work.

The OnTime® Desktop can run directly from within your MS Outlook Desktop client and will also run in the same set of browsers supported by Microsoft, always in synch with your MS Exchange Calendar data.

Works on

  • MS Outlook Desktop
  • MS Outlook Web Access
  • Browser Clients

OnTime® for Microsoft in Minutes

Some of Many Features

Flexible Views

Choosing the time frame for your immediate needs and easy navigation between dates and people allows users a constant overview.

Organisational Groups

Your organisation can easily create groups for departments, teams etc. to gain an overview of bigger organisations allowing you to navigate easily.


Create appointments and events in no time, and edit and delete them with a few clicks. Thanks to many helpful tools, creating meetings has never been easier.

Vacation Planning

See multiple months ahead and get a clear and graphical overview of your team's Vacation Planning with the dedicated Time Off View. 


With legends appointments are not only defined by subject but also by colour allowing you to easily gain an overview and filter by the type of appointment.

Advanced Search

Improve customer service and efficiency by using the advanced search allowing you to find people, rooms, or resources by typing related keywords.

But Wait... There Is More

Meeting Assistant

If you have a hard time finding an available meeting slot, use the meeting assistant to prioritise the invitees and save time when planning.

Personal Groups

Create your own personal groups with temporary teams, projects etc. to easily plan with people from different departments of your organisation.

On Behalf Of

Book appointments directly in another person’s calendar, edit the appointment or move the appointment around between people.


OnTime® provides users with a notice center which updates you on new invitations, re-schedulings and other information updates.

Business Card

Access necessary personal information about your colleagues and the actions you need to move forward e.g. to book an appointment, send an email or text.

Office Hours

Set your office hours to let your colleagues know when you are available for appointments and avoid scheduling confusion.

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