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Integrate Microsoft Calendar Data with Your Business Solutions

OnTime® Group Calendar offers an open HTTP based API which can be used to build custom solutions on top of the OnTime® Group Calendar backend. Using the API you may extend your Intranet, CRM system or other business-critical applications with two-way real-time calendar data.

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Use Case Examples

  • ?p=image&src=file%3Dimages%252F_images%252Fsalesforce OnTime API (integration) for Microsoft


    Integrate your calendars, contacts and e-mail. Be able to launch OnTime’s UI directly inside your activity members in SalesForce.

    Learn more about the OnTime Partner solution brought by Qkom GmbH available here:

    button ontime for salesforce

  • siebel-7f5fdb87 OnTime API (integration) for Microsoft

    Siebel CRM

    Full integration making schedules available in Siebel, MS Exchange/O365 and mobiles.

  • sap-1f113000 OnTime API (integration) for Microsoft


    Integrate approved PTO with your users' personal calendars, and display them visually in OnTime®

  • ?p=image&src=file%3Dimages%252F_images%252Fhomebanking OnTime API (integration) for Microsoft


    Allow customers to find and book meetings with their preferred advisor directly from their home banking solution.

So How Do You Get Started?

  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to obtain a license key to enable the API.
  2. Download the OnTime® Group Calendar free trial here.
  3. Download the API documentation on your right.

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