OnTime® Pollarity

Adding polls and votes directly integrated into your calendar expirience

Simplify Your Meeting Planning Process

OnTime® Pollarity significantly reduces the time used to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting by polling the intended participants.

You can either Poll solely internally or you can poll a mixed group of internal and external participants. This way you can increase your probability of success for each proposed time slot by enriching the poll with the current calendar information for internal OnTime® users. Pollarity makes planning meetings much simpler and helps you save a lot of time when creating meetings with people. 

Experience Pollarity In Action

The Pollarity Process

  • 1. Create Poll

    1. Create Poll

    Create a poll based on internal participants' calendar information and increase the chance of high attendance. You can also invite external participants.

  • 2. Cast Your Vote

    2. Cast Your Vote

    Invitees receive an email with a link to register their vote, or internal invitees can vote in the Desktop Client. Internal invitees will have their existing calendar entries illustrated to help them make their decision.

  • 3. Decide on a Time

    3. Decide on a Time

    The poll host will be notified when all invitees have voted and the host will be able to see an overview of the invitees' votes making it easier to decide on the ideal time for a meeting.

  • 4. Send out Invites

    4. Send out Invites

    When the host has decided on a meeting date, a meeting invitation can be filled out and send all invitees, and rooms, resources and other meeting details can be included.

Features Saving You Time

Date Finder

When suggesting available meeting slots, Pollarity will help you find the best possible dates taking office hours, appointments etc. into account.


OnTime® Pollarity will always let both the host and invitees know when something important happens in relation to a poll keeping you up-to-date.

Placeholder Documents

The accepted possible meeting slots of a poll will show in both the invitees’ and the host’s calendar avoiding double bookings.

Customize Invitations

If you wish to customize the email sent to internal and external participants, this can be done easily when creating a poll.

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