Universal Free Time

A Product by OnTime®

Allow your organisation to share free time with selected people and groups, regardless of whether they are in Domino, Exchange or Office 365.

What Is Universal Free Time?

OnTime® Universal Free Time aims at making it easy to schedule and book meetings with people within your organisation and companies your organisation works closely with, regardless of the mail platforms you use. Universal Free Time displays people’s availabilities and can be used as a part of Notes, Verse or in a web browser.

Universal Free Time makes it possible for your organisation to share a calendar overview with people, groups or companies, that shows when the user is busy, without letting them know the details of what the events in the calendar are.


Empower the Notes or Verse User

Universal Free Time allows you to see availability of a mix of Domino and Exchange users as an integrated part of your normal meeting booking process, to make your life easier and save you time.

Empower the Exchange User

Provides the Exchange users with a uncluttered browser based view of the availability of users across mail platforms.

Go Premium with a No Install Upgrade

If you want to go beyond the features of the Universal Free Time license, you can do a no install upgrade to the full set of features of the Premium OnTime license.

The Missing Glue Between Your Mail Platforms

Let Universal Free Time bridge the gap between different mail platforms for your organisation and save both time and frustrations for the Domino users. Do this by giving them an overview of availability, regardless of whether they are scheduling meetings with people whose mail platform is in Domino, Exchange or Office 365.

HCL Domino

MS Exchange

MS Office 365

OnTime Licensing

The OnTime products are license based and there are two different kinds of licenses.

Firstly we have FreeTime Licenses, which allows the user to see others’ availability information, in order to make scheduling easier.

The second kind of licenses is Premium Licenses, which gives the user full access to the OnTime® Group Calendar, which makes planning, scheduling and coordination very easy, even when working in other people’s calendars.

License type  People Rooms & Resources
Premium Full functionality Full functionality
FreeTime Limited functionality Not available

Different Users - Different Needs

Hover the Image to See the Different Interfaces

Customise OnTime for Your Organisation

Combine Premium and FreeTime Licenses

The scheduling needs for people in your organisation are very different from person to person. Some people might spend hours every single day planning and scheduling with and on behalf of other people, while others have a limited amount of scheduling tasks, and mostly use their calendar to keep track of their own schedule. This is why we have made it possible for you to custom build OnTime® for your organisation, with the combination of FreeTime and Premium users, that solves your company’s scheduling problems.

The FreeTime and Premium Licenses both come with different smart and time-saving features, and by combining the different types of users, you are able to give all employees the tool that is necessary for them to do their job most efficiently and avoid wasting time.

What Should I Choose?

Feature Differences Between a FreeTime and a Premium User License

Users can work across calendars for people, rooms and resources from Domino, Exchange and Office 365 * checkmark checkmark
All OnTime users are authenticated against the Domino environment checkmark checkmark
Availability across email platforms in Notes, Verse, iNotes & Traveler checkmark checkmark
Availability across email platforms in OnTime Desktop checkmark checkmark
View full meeting/appointment details *   checkmark
Views that can be configured in multiple dimensions by the individual user checkmark checkmark
Vacation planner view   checkmark
Public groups managed by the system administrator. The system administrator can limit who can use the group checkmark checkmark
Private groups where ownership and maintenance can be shared without involving the system administrator checkmark checkmark
Advanced search for people based on multiple criteria checkmark checkmark
Advanced search for calendar entries based on multiple criteria   checkmark
Categories and filter event types   checkmark
Single person views allow the user to drill down and focus on either their own or other peoples individual calendars *   checkmark
Create, edit & delete own appointments and all day events   checkmark
Create, edit & delete own meetings checkmark checkmark
Create, edit & delete meetings & appointments on behalf of other users *   checkmark
Meeting assistant helps you find a time to schedule your meetings checkmark checkmark
Respond to pending invitations for yourself or for other users *   checkmark
Business Card includes detailed contact information and photo checkmark checkmark
Calendar data for all users / Rooms / resources automatically aggregated for maximum performance for the user checkmark  checkmark 
Mobile web app delivers a mobile device targeted group calendar experience **   checkmark
Polling system for internal/external to reduce the time to find a common time slot for a meeting **   checkmark
HCL Connections module. OnTime enriched with Connections data and available in Profiles and Communities **   checkmark
API integration (for external business solutions) **   checkmark

* depending on the access level
** add-on product

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