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Group Calendaring and Mobility Brought Together

Mobilise Your Workforce

OnTime® Mobile gives you instant access to the people in your organisation and their calendars giving you a clear picture of their availability. Therefore you can now coordinate and schedule you and your co-workers’ activities at the right time wherever you are.

With secure access to your corporate network, a simple user interface, and the tools you need to find, add and delete contacts, arrange appointments or find a good time to talk, you can easily work when on the go.



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What Can I Do?

Some of Many Features for OnTime Mobile

View Your Organisation

Get an overview of the people in your organisation and their meetings and appointments in order to easily find available meeting times and colleagues.  

Find Available Rooms

If you urgently need a place for a meeting, you can search for available rooms and book them in seconds, allowing you to change plans spontaneously.

Arrange Your Meetings

Creating meetings has never been easier, thanks to the built-in conflict checking, room booking, and features like find time. Invite, edit and delete with a few clicks and participants will be notified. 

Search for People

Search for a specific person, skill or department, and get a list of the people relevant to your search, allowing you to find the right people for the job.

Organisational Groups

Your organisation can easily create groups for departments, teams etc. to gain an overview in bigger organisations, allowing you to navigate around easily.

Personal Groups

Create your own personal groups with temporary teams, projects etc. to easily plan with people from different departments of your organisation.

Personal Views

View a certain person’s calendar either by month or day, allowing you the focus you need, and find the specific information you need in no time.

On Behalf Of

Book appointments directly in another person’s calendar, edit the appointment or move the appointment around between people.

Business Card

Click on your colleagues to access their business card, giving you their contact information within seconds.

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