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The OnTime Catering module is the organisation's one-stop shop for managing catering within the organisation, in a simple and timesaving way for everyone involved.

The entire process is divided into five steps, that takes the orders from request to billing, in a smooth workflow. This means that there is no doubt where in the process the order is, or whose action it’s waiting for.

OnTime Catering has different interfaces depending on whether you are a business user or working in the kitchen. For business users, it is possible to place orders from the desktop client when they are creating meetings or events. For the people making and delivering the orders, we have created our Catering Manager, an interface that gives an overview of all orders. This way managing catering for meetings and events becomes easy for everyone. 

OnTime Catering for Domino in Minutes

Selected Benefits for the Business User

  • Catering can be ordered in the same process as the meeting invitation in OnTime.
  • Only items that are available at the scheduled time of the meeting are offered to the user.
  • Change of schedule for a meeting automatically initiates the required changes to the catering order.

Selected Benefits for the Catering Managers and Staff

  • Catering desktop for tracking, accepting, delivering and invoicing of orders.
  • Catering rosters ensures that the correct order is delivered at the right time.
  • Changes between ordered and actual consumption can easily be adjusted.
  • Completed orders can be exported to an ERP system.

OnTime® Catering for Domino 

The Catering Process

  • 1. Order

    You can add your Catering order to your meeting when you are filling out the meeting details in OnTime®. You decide which canteen you want to use, whether you want it to be served or pick it up yourself, and which items and how much you want from the canteen’s menu.

    From the menu you can also get an overview of which allergens the different items contain.

  • 2. Accept

    The canteen has their own OnTime® Catering Interface from which they can keep track of the different orders that come in, and choose to accept them. This way they can let the meeting organizer know whether or not they have catering for the meeting.

  • 3. Serve

    The OnTime® Catering interface makes it easy for the canteen to get an overview of what they need to serve, and when and where they need to do it. This makes the serving part of the process very easy and uncomplicated.

  • 4. Invoice

    OnTime Catering keeps a record of the different orders, and changes that might have been made to them, which makes exporting them to accounting for internal invoicing very simple and extremely quick.

  • 5. Complete

    OnTime® Catering makes the whole process of requesting, serving and invoicing much easier for all parties involved. This means less wasted time, and it eliminates confusion about whether the canteen has accepted the order and where the order should be served.

Features Saving You Time

Catering Workflow

Handle catering orders with full workflow.

Meeting Integration

Be directly available for the user when booking meetings.

Catering Rosters

Empower the catering crew by letting them see what has been ordered and where and when to deliver.

Export for Invoicing

Export final orders to accounting for internal invoicing.

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