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You Spoke - We Listened!

We always love getting suggestions from customers, on how we can improve different aspects of OnTime Group Calendar, to make the users’ calendaring experience better. This is because, we are well aware that you are the true experts on the user-experience of OnTime and the direction we should be heading in.

Lately we got a handful of suggestions at Engage 2020, which has and will have an influence on shaping the versions for Domino to come. Furthermore, we have reached out to OnTime users in order to collect feedback, which has inspired some of the improvements of the upcoming versions.

In the versions being released for both Microsoft and Domino, you can expect a lot of improvements.
We will be introducing a number of features and functions to our most popular add-on products, OnTime Pollarity and OnTime Mobile. These will help streamline and simplify the coordination and meeting booking processes for all users. Furthermore, the new version includes other new features such as a new Printing function, that will allow for different users' calendars to be printed as a PDF from OnTime, and the ability to copy a meeting, including the invitees, to a poll.

If you have any ideas for how we can improve even further, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ontime_name You Spoke - We Listened!

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