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Work from Home with OnTime & MS Teams

Lately, many organizations have had to work together while at a distance, a challenge which is simplified by the use of Microsoft Teams. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on improving OnTime for Microsoft Teams in order to make the process of cooperating from home and hosting online meetings even easier. In order to do so, we have developed three new OnTime for Microsoft Teams features, aimed at simplifying the online meeting workflow.

The New Features for OnTime in Teams

  • When creating a meeting invitation in OnTime, users can select to add an online Teams meeting. The link for the meeting will be added to the meeting invitation for people to easily access the online meeting in seconds.
  • The ability to add a Teams meeting is available both in the standard OnTime Desktop and the OnTime Desktop integrated in Microsoft Teams.
  • You can now easily view your Team through OnTime Mobile, as seen below. This allows you a quick overview of all members of the Team along with their calendars. 

OT Teams Mobile

All three of these features, which are described below, allow you and your colleagues to collaborate closely and seamlessly from separate offices, whether you are working from home, on the road or something else.

ontime_name Work from Home with OnTime & MS Teams

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