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OnTime Catering Now Available for Microsoft

OnTime Catering is finally available, and we cannot wait for you to experience it. Thus, by the launch of OnTime for Microsoft 3.8, Catering is added to the family of add-ons for OnTime Group Calendar already including OnTime Mobile and Pollarity. 

What is OnTime Catering?

OnTime Catering is your organisation’s one-stop shop for managing catering within your company. The entire process of handling catering orders has been integrated into one simple workflow.

What is in it for the User
The intuitiveness of each step of OnTime Catering helps the users order without any frustrations or wasted time. Orders can be placed while creating a meeting invitation, and only items available at the time of the meeting will be visible while ordering. If the meeting is rescheduled, it will automatically require a change in the catering order.  

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the new Catering Module.​​

Screenshot 2020 03 16 at 10.45.13 2

What is in it for the Catering Manager

The catering managers and staff have complete control, as they have the power to edit, accept or decline all orders. Simultaneously, the Catering Desktop will track orders throughout the process. Daily catering rosters give the staff an easy overview and ensure the correct delivery at the right time. And that is just some of the advantages of OnTime Catering. ​

Watch the videoes bellow for a thorough guide on setting up and using OnTime Catering.

Screenshot 2020 03 16 at 10.46.00 2


The Process of Catering

Screenshot 2020 03 16 at 10.53.20

1. Order
When creating a meeting and filling out the meeting details, you can add your catering order. Decide what canteen you want to order from, which items you want from the menu, whether to get it delivered or pick it up etc.
2. Accept
From the OnTime Catering Interface, the canteen can keep track of orders coming in and edit, accept and decline them. The meeting organiser will automatically get informed throughout the process. 
3. Serve
The OnTime Catering Manager provides a great overview of what needs to be served when and where. Therefore, the serving process is uncomplicated and straightforward. 

4. Invoice
As OnTime Catering keeps a record of all orders and changes made to them, exporting them to accounting for interval invoicing is both simple and quick.
5. Complete
Finally, the process is completed. OnTime Catering makes the entire process of requesting, serving and invoicing much easier meaning less wasted time and fewer misunderstandings during the process.

ontime_name OnTime Catering Now Available for Microsoft

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