Pollarity Updates in OnTime for Domino v. 6.6

OnTime for Domino v. 6.6 is Out Now, and included is a series of improvements to Pollarity, our solution to Poll for an available time slot to meet.

At OnTime, we are still seeing a constant increase in the userbase of Pollarity, and with more users comes more input and feedback, something that we are absolutely thrilled about. Therefore, we have decided to focus on the most popular requests which will simplify and streamline your everyday meeting planning. 

  • You can now add or remove time slots for an existing poll. If new possible timeslots are added the users in the poll will receive a mail requesting them to vote again.
  • Polling on behalf of someone else. From the single person view, it is now possible to create a poll on behalf of someone else.
  • Adding multiple dates to a poll has been simpliPfied.
  • The email addresses are no longer displayed to external invitees. 

You can also watch the video to see the new features in action!

Pollarity video pic

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