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Integrate Contacts & Calendaring with Your Mail Platform

Have all your CRM Calendar & Contacts in sync

Both your Salesforce and your Mail plattforms support contacts and calendaring. How can we combine Salesforce’s customer orientated filing system with the vast mailing and calendaring functions in Microsoft O365/Exchange or HCL Domino?

Our solution is the Q!kom Add-on for OnTime group calendar. Two systems that feel like one!

  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Create and edit events directly in Salesforce
  • Sync Salesforce contacts to the personal address book
  • Create e-mails directly in Salesforce
  • Save e-mails in Salesforce and link them automatically

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Viewing in Context

Salesforce offers you to build account & oppotunity teams or use queues at cases but you can’t see availability of the Members.

Bring you the availability of the teams directly inside Salesforce.

  • view and schedule directly with the account and opportunity teams
  • check the availability of the queue member before you assign a case.
  • show the user calendar in new person profile

Direct editing

All changes can be made directly in Salesforce, we put the whole functionality of OnTime group calendar at your hand.

  • corporate address book, personal address book and of course all addresses from the SalesForce CRM
  • book room and resources
  • without having to leave the sales context you send out perfect meeting invitations to your customers..
  • documents are perfectly filed into the CRM, as they can be linked to e.g. SF objects, accounts, opportunities and cases
  • link to the invited persons in Salesforce will be automatically proposed

Calendar Synchronisation

All appointments at hand as well in Salesforce.

  • all meetings will be searched for contacts from Salesforce and linked accordingly
  • contact duplicates are detected and shown, but will not be linked to
  • other connections, for example to an opportunity, are supported.
  • appointment duplicates from other synchronizations will be detected

E-mail Synchronisation

Mails sent from Exchange or Domino can be filed into the Salesforce CRM.

  • E-Mails can be selected e.g. in the data area, attachments are immediately visible and you see if they have already be filed. 
  • When importing an e-mail you can choose the attachments to import. The linking of the e-mails to Salesforce objects, accounts,  opportunities, cases and/or persons can be made directly.
  • functions like follow-up as offered by Salesforce can be set
  • Sent mails created in Salesforce via your MS Outlook or HCL Notes client

Contact synchronization

Always make your sales contacts available wherever you work in your email application.

  • Syncronise all relevant Salesforce contacts based on ownership and membership to the personal contacts in Exchange or Domino

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