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Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 100 countries around the world and manufactures in over 300 factories. Its more than 25,000 employees generated annual sales of CHF 8.1 billion in 2019. At the end of 2019 Sika won the Swiss Technology Award for a groundbreaking new adhesive technology. 

Solution Components:

• HCL Domino
• HCL Notes
• OnTime® Group Calendar
• Q!OnTime for Salesforce
• OnTime® Business API
• OnTime® Mobile
• OnTime® Pollarity


Sika Informationssysteme AG

For many years some departments of the global Sika Group have been happy users of the OnTime Group Calendar for IBM Domino on prem and later for IBM SmartCloud Notes. 

In 2018, Sika has decided to expand the use of OnTime beyond the group calendar use case and to provide an integration between SmartCloud Notes and Salesforce for calendar and mail to increase sales user productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

With Q!OnTime for Salesforce we can combine Salesforce’s activity management and customer orientated filing system with the vast mailing and calendaring functions in Domino, while lowering administration efforts.

Stefan Obst | SIKA Informationssyteme AG

Server-side synchronization to lower maintenance efforts and to provide more functionality

Sika is using Salesforce as the strategic CRM platform for more than 5000 sales users. Sales users need an integrated view of their agenda covering both internal meetings managed in HCL Domino and customer-facing activities managed in Salesforce in order to be able to manage their activities and availability in an efficient way.

In 2018, Sika decided to replace the 3rd party Notes client plugin initially used for the Notes – Salesforce integration because of the limitations of a client-based synchronization and the support effort required to maintain it.

Therefore, Sika started looking for a server-based tool which guarantees easy synchronization and constant overview and access to all the necessary data from any platform. The best solution turned out to be Q!OnTime for Salesforce. This system combines Salesforce’s customer orientated filing system with the vast mailing and calendaring functions in Domino. In short, with Q!OnTime for Salesforce you get the best of both worlds:

Calendar Integration

  • No matter if you look at the Domino calendar or the calendar in Salesforce – both are synchronized thus providing the sales users with a good grip on their availability so they can schedule new meetings with customers without risking to create overlapping appointments just because they don’t have the full view of their agenda.
  • The integration of the Ontime group calendar view into the Salesforce UI allows users to easily coordinate meetings with the account and opportunity teams of their customers.
  • Create and edit Domino appointments directly from Salesforce, and link them automatically to Salesforce contacts adds to the 360° customer overview in Salesforce.

E-mail Management

  • Save Domino emails from the Salesforce UI and link them automatically to customer records in Salesforce to easily keep track of the relevant customer email communication in Salesforce.
  • Create emails directly in Salesforce and send them through your Domino mail environment. This ensures legal compliance and allows users to keep track of all emails in their well-known Domino mail environment. 

Contact Synchronisation

  • Synchronizing selected Salesforce contacts to your Domino address book and from there to the mobile device allows sales users to call their customers using the up-to-date contact information from Salesforce even while driving using hands-free integration between mobile device and car audio. With Q!OnTime for Salesforce, Sika’s sales users now have an up-to-date overview of their calendar, their colleagues’ free-time and access to their email-platform enabling them to work efficiently without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Why Did We Switch Over?

When deciding that they needed an improved way of connecting Salesforce and Domino, Sika evaluated different solutions, but ultimately decided for Q!OnTime for Salesforce. And due to a very reasonable license cost and a great value for money, Sika decided to expand their use of OnTime and  Q!OnTime by implementing all supported functionalities to all their Salesforce users. By adding Q!OnTime for Salesforce to the architecture of Sika, they have lowered the license costs and support efforts and while providing more functionality for the end users.

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