Version 4.0.0

Release notes 4.0.0



  • Amongst many things, the “List View” and Export features will allow you to:
    • Easily access the “List View” through the top navigation bar Search for specific information across your organization
    • Configurate the time frame of your search Search within the calendars of specific people, teams and departments
    • Use keywords or legends to find only what is relevant to you
    • Access information about the booking of rooms and resources Export data to share it, save it, or print it
  • Added a calendar hover to the UI for ease of use
  • Added Japanese region for the week starting on Monday 


  • When creating a new meeting invitation the user can now add an online meeting to the invitation
    • The online meeting can either be an MS TEAMS or Skype for Business meeting
    • The type of the meeting created is controlled by by the default settings for the user
    • This new feature is available in both the standard desktop and the desktop integrated in MS TEAMS
  • When launching OnTime from the tab in a team in MS TEAMS using a mobile device, the users will now be directed to the OnTime Mobile UI with the team members selected, instead of opening the standard desktop UI.


  • OnTime Mobile now support URL parameters like group or list of people like the desktop


  • Added option to choose the type of online meeting from default settings for a user. Options are MS TEAMS or Skype for Business
  • Improved license warning functionality when less than a specified number of unused licenses are available for a perpetual license
  • Improved subscription warning functionality when there are less than a specified number of days left of a subscription period
  • Improved trial warning functionality when there are less than a specified number of days left of a trial period


  • Upgraded TOMCAT version to 8.5.54
  • Java version has been upgraded to JAVA 14
  • The default for new OnTime Group installations is now Microsoft SQL Express 2019
  • Made several improvements to increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of the backend
  • The logging has been improved to include an actual log for administrators. The logging for developers is still included and much more granular than the log for the administrators of OnTime
  • The speed of the photo synchronisation is now running multithreaded which results in significant speed improvement
  • Added an Auth/Acs whitelist for redirect request


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues and other minor bugs


  • Fixed an issue on detaching images on other users even if the required access had been granted
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change the start date for a repeated set of calendar entries
  • Fixed an issue where OnTime would only print the first event on any given day
  • Fixed an issue where selected participants for a meeting were not deselected after event creation 
  • Search in personal Exchange contacts is no longer included when creating private groups


  • Fixed an issue where existing conflicting entries were overlapping instead of stacked when voting

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