Version 3.0.0



  • New Group Panel design, a redesign has been a popular request to make user navigation easier
  • Added advanced sort order options under user settings, for a more detailed explanation see the manual.


  • Extended domain list with information about trace when troubleshooting issues (showing trace enabled or not)
  • Dynamic groups can now be created within only one domain (or all)
  • Dynamic Groups can be created by using Phonetic Display names (groups are made by first letter)
  • Name format now supports Lastname Firstname (no comma)
  • Added advanced sort order options under user settings, for a more detailed explanation see the manual.
  • More detailed information on users/members (full business card information + custom attributes)
  • Changes to the Sync time setup to avoid confusion and errors (max 180 days back and always 2 years from that date)
  • Support for MS Teams - new MS Teams tab to support configuration of MS Teams
  • Support for Phonetic Display name and External Attributes for creating groups and sorting in views when using LDAP


 With version 3.0.0 we have integrated the full OnTime Group Calendar into MS Teams, and created some special MS Teams related features in the calendar, which are:

  •  When you open the Group Calendar tab in MS Teams it will always give you an up to date view of the members of the team, meaning that the Group Calendar is automatically updated if someone leaves or joins the team.
  • The "This Team" button will allow you to always return to just seeing the people who are in the team you are accessing OnTime through, this is useful since you can navigate around in your own and the organisational groups from MS Teams.
  • The "Team meeting" button will create a meeting invite with everyone from the team as required invitees on the first available time slot, which you can then edit the details of and use the "Find Free Time" button to get a list of other possible time slots.

OnTime in MS Teams is an addition to the core product allowing all OnTime users to add this to their everyday group calendar experience at no extra cost.

Read more about OnTime in MS Teams


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues and other minor bugs.


  • Fixed an issue with missing photos if using 2010 Exchange server 


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