Version 1.5.0



  • New legend system to colourise and define different types of events. Now supports Categories, Show As and Subject
  • New selection UI bringing the selected persons events more in focus
  • Support for entering description on create and view description on view and edit
  • Event on behalf of - Notification to organisor available
  • More information on business card (mobile no. and office-location added)
  • Added Event overview (text based) together with persons business card
  • Time duration (eg 09:00 - 17:00) on views can now be set by the user individually on days/weeks/time off
  • Keyboard support in Invitee list on Events
  • Popup text added on icons to help the user to understand their meanings
  • New languages added - italian and french


  • New legend system to colorise and define different types of events. Now supports Categories, Show As and Subject
  • Support for japanese as administration language
  • Added confirmation/saved information on Save
  • More information added to the license key area
  • Added Exchange version to Server settings (to support description on events)
  • Collumn Type removed in AD Group view
  • Added version number in About
  • Added Application ID's to the license key information box


  • Queue system to support integration solutions
  • Tomcat install - Open Admin prompt directly from IE
  • OnTime MS Auth NT Service (un)install by right clicking on (un)install/(run as admin)


  • Location has been re-introduced in the API
  • Notification to 
  • Support for text based body field


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues and minor bugs.


  • Changed login procedure to support specific use cases in the Outlook add-in
  • Wrong translation in Danish on Column height
  • Missing fields focus on Members field in Private Groups
  • Better error handling on User login (stop loop when no connection to server)
  • Cancelled events/invitation are now changed to Show As "Free"
  • Correted group handling of invitees in events
  • Fixed focus on members field in private groups


  • Fixed so SSO does not require user name and password because of missing trust
  • Could not remove invitees on existing events
  • Always send if isMeeting or attendees>0


  • Version number missing in the admin client
  • Cancel did not work in the License key


  • LDAP does not return all members for some groups
  • LDAP deadlock. The LDAP lookup blackbox did not seem to terminate requests when multiple LDAP queries with more than one attribute comparison was issued
  • Backend could not resolve group names because of users with multiple email addresses
  • Remove and log multiple emails from LDAP sync

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