Version 2.0.0

IMPORTANT: The URL for the Admin interface has been changed. It does not require any "/" in the end any more.



  • The new Meeting Assistant helps you in finding the right time for your meetings. It becomes active once you select multiple users. Some of the main features of the Meeting Assistant are:
    • To the right of the people selected you will see a new check box. This check box shows whether this user will be included in the free time search. If you deselect a user more meeting slots are likely to be available. Even if you deselect a person, that person will still be included in the invitation
    • A bar at the top of the view clearly indicates available slots in green, white indicates available but slot not long enough for the defined meeting length, red indicates that this slot is not available for all the users you included in the search for available meeting slots
  • New Event details overview, delivering User information with your Access rights to this persons calendar, and Event details including attendees and rooms & equipment
  • New Business Card with Person/Room/Equipment details including actions mail, call and create meetings
  • Improved new avatars when using the "Exchange 2013 and newer" API
  • Your access rights for peoples calendars. We have placed this information for you on both the persons business card and the event details. This way it is easier to see what you can do and cannot do on behalf of this user
  • Support for Optional attendees
  • Support for the Show As status: "Working Elsewhere" that was introduced in Exchange 2013 and later versions
  • Now Author rights are supported to allow you to create and edit events on behalf of a colleague
  • You no longer need to switch to edit mode to change date/time. Quick select menu appears when you drag an Event and ask you if you want to Update, Edit or Discard
  • Added French and Italian languages to the existing language list of: English, German, Swedish, Danish and Japanese


  • New and improved MSI package for easier installation & un-installation process
  • Added French and Italian languages


Introducing the new Mobile solution that can help your mobile workers find and coordina with their colleagues. Essentional features are:

  • A full overview of your own and your colleagues calendars
  • Select people, rooms and resources - invite and book in one simple process
  • Find rooms that are available now and book them
  • Have all contact information gathered in one place
  • Multi month date picker with scheduling load information
  • Support for personal assistants - Book on behalf of
  • Language support for English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Chinese (both traditional and simplified)


  • Possible to set the width of the left sidebar to support long group and legend names
  • Additional logging added to better trace and error handle synchronisation issues


  • Front-end API refined to give better support for the user interfaces and 3rd party applications
  • Support for scalable images resulting in more crisp avatars


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed a number of minor stability issues and minor bugs.


  • Solved drag to create of an event in the past which previously showed green instead of red
  • Solved error when adding a room with incomplete or missing data


  • Solved handling of many predefined Legends for the user UI


  • Solved handling invalid/corrupt Events with missing LegacyFreeBusyStatus caused by 3rd party applications
  • Solved now handling calendar permissions containing external contacts
  • Solved photo and permission sync did not always run at 2 AM
  • Solved deletion of Static Group which could potentially invalidate the database

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