Version 2.7.0



  • Added a URL link detector to the description field. Amongst other things, this feature allows you to add links to meeting resources such as Skype for Business meetings
  • Working hours have been added to the Desktop client. The working hours can be enabled / disabled by the user, and they are configured from the settings menu. In OnTime working hours can be configured individually for each workday
  • The date of a scheduling conflict has been added to the top of the conflict dialogue when scheduling a meeting


OnTime Pollarity helps your organisation reduce the time needed to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting. This is achieved by polling the intended participants by sending out meeting invitations. OnTime Pollarity is a new add-on in version 2.7 which includes:

  • Ability to manage polls from the OnTime browser interface (if Pollarity is enabled in the license key)
  • Active polls are visible in the poll participants' individual mail files. Polls can be shown as Busy / Tentative or Free
  • A new Pollarity database which stores active polls
  • New mobile and desktop browser voting pages for external participants


  • Static Groups max number in lists extended to 200,000
  • A Show All option has been added to the admin interface. If this is set to "Yes" the group will include all users when displayed


  • Updated JVM to latest security release
  • The Free Time Search has been modified so that tentative entries are displayed as busy


In addition to the specific bugs mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues


  • Swedish language is not supported in 2.7 at the time of release. If you do upgrade to 2.7 and you were previously running the clients in Swedish, the clients will fall back to English
  • Aligned name format for people with the Web Mobile
  • Fixed an issue where the organizer is missing after a reload of the interface
  • Fixed an issue where the the user's own mail address was added to the "To" field when sending a mail
  • Fixed an issue where the correct legend for Vacation was not shown after an upgrade from version 1.5.x


  • Fixed an issue where manual sortinging was not working
  • Fixed an issue where Name Format was not fully implemented for rooms & resources
  • Aligned name format for people with the Web Desktop


  • Fixed a bug which could result in two default settings documents being created for new installations


  • Fixed an issue where permissions added using Power-Shell script and where the casing of the email-address did not match AD casing, users were only getting default permission on other users' calendars
  • Fixed an issue where Static groups were not visible when upgrading to the 2.6.0 version

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